Kate Astor

Kate Astor

Major : Human Development Minor: Management


Hometown: New Jersey

Relationship Status: Taken, sorry boys!


As a graduating senior, Eckerd College will definitely miss Kate in the upcoming years.  Not only is Kate willing to help out anyone in need, but she is also the school’s Zumba Instructor.  Kate is extremely involved on campus and is part of the EC Dance Team.  Majoring in Human Development with a minor in Management, she has had her hands full this year.  However, she is ready to keep going and tells me that she is attending SIU Carbondale to get her Master’s in Public Health starting in the fall.

Kate is probably most famous on campus for her amazing Zumba classes which have been held for many years at the fitness center.  She decided to first get involved with Zumba because she “always loved taking dance fitness classes at [her] home gym in New Jersey.”  She was eager to get certified upon attending Eckerd and spread her love for dance fitness to her peers at Eckerd College!  If you missed her Zumba classes this year, you have missed out. 

Even though Kate has not been dancing for long, she is also a part of the EC Dance Team.  She tells me that, “Joining the dance team was not only a way for me to dance every day and perform but also a way for me to learn new styles and try some new things.”  Kate clearly has a passion for dance, and it can be seen how much she loves it when she dances!  Her favorite dance team memory was during her freshman year.  It was the team’s first number of the year (hip hop), and both the team and crowd really got into it.   

            Kate hopes that her peers remember to “Always be yourself, because the people that matter don’t mind, and the people that mind don’t matter” because it has stuck with her throughout her stay at Eckerd.  She encourages others to be themselves and get involved with an activity that they are passionate about.  For Kate it was dance, and she sure did make a difference on Eckerd’s campus!  Even though she will be missed, we all wish her good luck on her upcoming years at graduate school.  We know that she will make a statement there, and SIU Carbondale is extremely lucky to have her as a student!


I hope you all came out and supported the EC Dance Team last Thursday during their final showcase.  Kate was heavily involved in the showcase and even performed a number with some of her residents! You will be missed, Kate!