A Day In The Life Of... An Aidan's Fresher

As a fresher, university seems like a rather haphazard puzzle with a plethora of pieces you have to try (but fail) to fit together. Here’s roughly what my day to day shenanigans consist of:

9:30 am: Wake up (in an anxious manner because I check my phone on my bedside table and realise, yet again, I have missed another 9 am lecture as a result of over-sleeping).

10 am: Eat breakfast. I look in my food box as I have sacrificed taking a shower over having breakfast and so, I have to resort to eating leftover biscuits and day-old cinnamon buns.

11 am: I attempt to start the mountain of work I have (whether it’s seminar work or reading for the next lecture) but I always feel behind. As I set up my study hub in my college library, I realise how hungry I actually am and so proceed to my favourite part of the day (a.k.a. lunch)

11:30 am: The important thing to emphasise here is the fact that my day is definitely structured around food and when the earliest opportunity for food appears, I grab it. Hence, lunchtime means slathering my plate with a bucket full of potatoes (would it really be college food if there weren’t any potatoes?) and eating to my heart’s content.

1 pm: I have now been sitting and eating for an hour and a half and have not done a single piece of work for my seminar that is at 2 pm. I put my tray away and walk away from the canteen, ready to embark on the ‘studying adventure’ that is about to commence.

2 pm: I walk to my seminar, realising that due to the copious amount of food I previously consumed during lunch, I now am in a food coma (a.k.a. extreme lethargy) and am struggling to stay awake or alert in my seminar.

3:30 pm: Now that I’m back from my seminar, I decide to reward myself with a “short” nap to boost my energy as a result of the long trek back to college in Arctic-esque conditions.

5:30 pm: Wake up time/Dinner. As my friends knock on my door to walk to dinner, the “short” nap I initially aimed for developed into a two hour nap but never fear, dinner is here and so, I proceed to the canteen with a ridiculously happy smile on my face.

7 pm: I realise that I, again, have spent an abundance of time chatting and eating (evidently, my favourite hobbies) and attempt to lock myself in my room to do all the work for the next day. However, in reality, I procrastinate and watch Stranger Things instead.

10 pm: A pounding knock on my door pulses through my room. My friends suggest to go clubbing. I shake my head and try to develop to muster the word “no” since I have a lot of work but before I know it, I’m already prinking (note: this is a word that I have only just learnt at Durham since in London, we only ever say  pres) and am already on my way to Jimmy’s/Klute.  

1 am: Food. As I attempt to ‘dance’ (in speechmarks due to my lack of coordination), I realise that I’m absolutely starving and nudge my friends to go to Paddy’s instead. We end the night eating a large pepperoni pizza and cheesy chips (and wouldn’t want to have it any other way).




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