Brands Doing The Most For Body Positivity

Although the fashion industry may be far from perfect, the fashion industry has been making a more conscious effort for more inclusivity, self-love by stepping away from the unachievable idea of ‘perfection’. Here are brands, which are changing the industry and shifting it towards a more body-positive mindset:


ASOS has been my day one online shop (cue an image of my thirteen-year old self perusing the ASOS website for neon crop tops). Not only do they not airbrush their models, they also offer their clothes in a plethora of sizes and options (straight, curvy, plus, tall and petite), embracing all sizes and shapes.


As a part of American Eagle, Aerie (the lingerie brand) has an aura of those Hollister-Abercrombie esque days with a chill, beach vibe. Aerie had the #AerieReal campaign where they stopped retouching photos of their models a few years ago, embracing stretch marks, cellulite and showing real bodies wearing their designs.


With an emphasis on ‘vintage-inspired and indie clothing’, this San Francisco headquartered website carries their clothing in sizes from XS to 4X. Their Instagram and website features models of all sizes and their passion for body-positive is indicated by the fact that they were the first retailer to sign the ‘Heroes Pledge for Advertisers’ in 2014 where they promised to never change the size, colour, proportion or any physical features of their models in images.


Walk into any Lululemon store and you’ll instantly feel energised and motivated to channel your inner Yoga mum with the multitude of leggings on offer. However, it isn’t just about having chill and zen vibes, Lululemon is about helping people live “longer, healthier, fun lives” and whether it means running, kickboxing or athletics, Lululemon’s items are about you feeling STRONG and EMPOWERED in their athletic gear.