Rape Culture and America's Lack of Support

Rape culture is a culture often characterized by hard cases, endless evidence, wealth, and faulty judges. Brock Turner, the infamous man involved in the Stanford University rape case, will be released from prison on September 2nd. After serving only three months of his previous six month sentence, the topic of rape in America continues to be a pressing issue. The question surrounding Brock and related rape cases, has to do with the lack of jail time given for ultimately ruining the lives’ of unsuspecting victims. What does three months of jail do to compensate for years of turmoil and distrust now embedded into the lives’ of rape victims?

The Stanford University rape case gained a large amount of prominence this summer. Brock Turner, a 22 year old swimmer for the university, was convicted for sexual assault in March 2016 against an unsuspecting female behind a dumpster. (Michael E. Miller)

Originally, Turner faced the possibility of a 14 year sentence. Somehow this sentence was dropped to six months and then--three months. Public outrage increased when Turner’s father, Dan A. Turner, wrote a letter in his son defense. The letter said the following, “His life will never be the one that he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.” (Michael E. Miller) So basically, Brock Turner’s father cares more about the success and future of his son, than the future his son had already compromised by unlawfully taking it upon himself to enter the private cavities of an unsuspecting woman. What about the price the female victim has to pay? Her life will never be the same due to the heinous actions of Brock Turner.

This case is one among many that has shown how America’s judicial system continues to allow rapist to run free, unscathed and with minimized sentences. Brock Turner, Kevin Rojano and Stacey Dean Rambold are only a few individuals who were convicted of rape and gained shortened sentences. The lack of support in justice, can often discourage victims from speaking up. Victims need to know their stories will not only be brought to light, but also, combatted with true justice. If you are wondering, true justice is not a shortened sentence due to good behavior, a chance for a successful life or because the accused individual “feels guilty.” True justice is the recognition of one’s wrongs and a rightful sentence to punish the decision one takes against an unsuspecting victim. Someone who has been raped will never be the same. A piece of his or her freedom and right to privacy was taken. Once that privacy is gone, it can not be regained easily. So with Brock Turner’s release steadily approaching, I hope he realizes he will never be able to come back from what he has done. His future is tarnished by his inability to “keep it in his pants” and obey the laws of consent. It is as simple as asking someone for a cup of tea.