Life as a Female Pratt Student as Told by Harry Potter

1. “Wow, you’re in Pratt?”


2. When you’re the only female in the group…


It’s hard being the only girl in a group, but you’re never surprised when it happens. Sometimes your ideas can be overlooked or you never even get a chance to voice your ideas. And if you dare stand up for yourself you’ll be marked as the aggressive, bossy chick.

3. “Can you write everything down?”


No, I don’t want to be the person that writes stuff down for EVERY project. Someone in every group has to be the person who writes stuff down. Cool, I get that. But it DOES NOT need to be the girl in the group every time. I don’t care if I have better handwriting, I want to be able to conduct the experiment or build or whatever we happen to be doing.

4. “Hey are you sure that’s the answer?”


Yes, I’m sure. I’ve had to explain my reasoning 5 times now, but as soon as another male comes by and verifies the answer, the answer is accepted without questioning him.

5. When working in groups, even professors assume good ideas came from males and give them the credit.


6. “Are you sure you know how to use that? Do you want me to handle it?”


Believe it or not, I have seen a power tool before, and yes, I have used one. Can we please stop with assuming a girl is clueless with a tool? If I need help, I’ll ask someone.

7. Always feeling like you have to be perfect to compete…


You don’t have to be perfect at everything to be successful, even if it feels like everyone else is perfect.


While most men are not at fault for how female engineers are treated, more men need to be aware and call their peers out when they see situations like this. Step it up guys and support your female peers! Being a female in a male-dominated field can be tough, but we’re tough too. Have confidence and stand up for yourself, there’s no reason to be intimidated or scared. Go out there and show everyone that women can be just as powerful as men.