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rainbow light on the window

single planetoid fish tentacles 

    no, just a street lamp

    no, just a shadow of you

silence falling like bombs in the ocean

a wave metaphysical abstract 

thawing landscape tennis shoes 

muddy, asteroid from the rain

   no, just liminal space

   no, just drown me


belief is an abstract concept today

we talked about religion in your tesla

toast coming in adverbial crunches 

this was it spacial time we were both 

here on a sidewalk on a roof in a pew

with a burning village and holy trinity

the cross to your right right you said

    no, just want a bit of love

    no, just leave me here with God


while the crowd in the sea drops

avana religion store sings and sings

satellite gate south geese negative

inconsolable there is no how come 

there is full bloom coming whole

there is song an engine revving

parents still working at the mall 

a guilt hollow in clothing racks 

crushing me velvet behind the counter 

the external boombox on your car

playing concerto welcome 



welcome to the arena 

this universe us

    no, we’re just

waiting to be seen

Tina Xia

Duke '23

Student at Duke University.
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