Wind Power is Possible, Even in Your Apartment

My apartment, like many housing options in the area, uses Xcel Energy. I’m not sponsored by Xcel, nor does Her Campus DU or Her Campus endorse Xcel, but I wanted to share my experience with using their Windsource program, a program you can also use if your property uses Xcel’s services. After taking a class on sustainability and learning about wind power with Xcel, I made a mental note to look into it the minute I was out of the dorms. I moved into my apartment and enrolled in Windsource June 25th last year and it took less than ten minutes to do!

What is Windsource?

Windsource is Xcel’s wind-powered, voluntary renewable energy program. We have tons of wind here in Colorado, and this program puts it to good use! Coming up on a year with Windsource, I can report that it’s worked just as well as non-renewable. I honestly can’t tell the difference.

Is it expensive?

No! To quote Xcel’s messaging, “it costs less than the price of a latte.” I only add $1.50 to my monthly bill for 1 block (100 kWh) of energy. It’s been fantastic. Are you paying more for the wind? In short, yes, but literally for less than 2 bucks, my apartment runs on almost completely clean energy. I’d say that’s worth it. Last month, my apartment used 119 kWh of energy, so my carbon footprint was reduced to only 19 kWh of energy. All for less than a latte.

How do I get wind power in my home?

Go on your Xcel energy page, and look at how much energy you use on an average month. Round to the nearest hundred kilowatts and enroll for blocks of wind energy. If your home uses 400 kWh, enroll for 4 blocks. In my experience, it’s roughly 100 kWh per person, so it can be easily split among your roommates.

Why should I bother?

It’s incredibly cheap and easy to be sustainable if you know how. Plus, the more people who use renewable energy, the cheaper and easier it will become. Arrange a roommate meeting, look over your electricity bill, and consider switching to wind power!

This is not meant to be an endorsement of Xcel, it is just reflecting my own experience and does not represent Her Campus’s opinions.