Cleaning Up That Social Media

Hey, Dragons! Now that we’re back from Spring Break, it’s time to feel refreshed in your life, both offline and online. Here are some tips for cleaning up your social media!


Unfollow Products You Don’t Use

Whether you followed them through a giveaway or because they had a pretty feed, unfollow product/company accounts for things that are too expensive, out of reach, or that you simply don’t use. It’s a good idea to save money too! You can’t be tempted to buy products if you don’t see the ads.


Unfollow Accounts That Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

If an account is peddling unhealthy weight-loss products (I’m looking at you, celebs with flat-tummy tea) and is making you have unrealistic expectations about yourself and your body, then that account might not be worth your time. A lot of the time, celebrities claim that their protein-powder is their go-to thing to shed pounds when they fail to mention that they have personal trainers, chefs, tailored meal-plans, money for cosmetic surgery, and access to top-notch fitness amenities. Follow feeds that empower you to be your best self, not ones that make you feel like less of a person.


Re-Evaluate Who You’re Connected to From High School

That guy that sat behind you in calculus junior year of high school that made gross jokes about women in the kitchen? Not worth your time. That kid from school who spews racist propaganda on your Facebook feed? Snip, snip. Cut them out. You have a new life, leave the past in the past.

Does it Spark Joy?

Yeah, I’m really into Marie Kondo lately, but her tidying up method isn’t just applicable to your closet: it’s applicable to your social media. Does that account make you feel good? Does it add to your internet experience? Keep the accounts you love on your feed, and your feed will stay beautiful and be a positive thing to log into.