Beautifully Broken: A Poem

Birth – a new life

Lots of possibility

A blank slate

Years to be lived

sunset with mom and baby in background Jude Black

Loss – people come and go



Longing for something better


Words – cut through me

What do I do?

How can I please?

When will they ever end?

brain/mind/memory being erased Tumisu


Anxiety – rips me apart

Constantly afraid

Always on alert

Nobody could possibly understand


Graduation – a glimpse of hope

College is coming soon

Another blank slate

So many possibilities


Empty – disappointment 

It still hurts

It never ends

When will it ever go away?

Anna Schultz-Black And White Girl From Behind Anna Schultz / Her Campus


No, no, no

I refuse to give in

I refuse to give up

I refuse to lose


I can see it – a bright future

A roadmap of scars

A beautiful masterpiece

Embrace the emotional damage

Photo by Victor Freitas from Unsplash

A new, beautifully broken me

The pieces slowly glued back together

Never looking back