Avoiding Back-to-School Burnout

Winter quarter has only just begun and I’m already feeling it: the dreaded back-to-school burnout. You get all excited for the first day back, yearning for a break from six weeks of monotony, ready with your cute journals and fun pens. Then, classes start. And readings start. And assignments. And clubs, meetings, doctor’s appointments, paying rent, having to buy groceries, dealing with roommates, balancing a GPA, maybe sports, maybe Greek life, and, and, and…

It's easy to feel overwhelmed in the first couple days of break. The important thing to remember is you’re not alone and that you will get through this. Here are some tips to help you get through this hectic time, because you’re allowed to be stressed!

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Like I said, you’re not alone! It can be hugely helpful to ask for help. Go to your professor’s office hours, arrange a study group with your friends, vent on the phone to your mom. The Health & Counseling Center is always available too! If you’re feeling help-less, feel free to message or call the HCC to see what your counseling options are. Good news, there’s always a 24/7 counselor on-call if you need anything! Call (303) 871-2205. Help is all around!

Remember What You've Already Accomplished

It’s Winter Quarter! At the very least, you’ve already gotten through a whole quarter of schoolwork, and look! You’re still here, kicking butt and taking names. Things may look heavy now, so don’t let your present conditions invalidate your past success.

Listen to Your Body

I know, it can be near impossible to maintain a sleep schedule, but listening to what your body needs will do wonders! It helps both your physical health and your mental health, and when your mind is healthy, better grades! Or, at least, I hope so.


Week one may seem overwhelming, but you’re 10% there! You can do this!