4 Blogs to Motivate You Through Finals


No, that’s not a typo. Josephine Ilena Ginteng is a freshman at Cornell University who loves philosophy, poetry, and psychology. I’ve been following her studyblr on Tumblr for a while now, and I loved her content so much I have her blog set to push notifications on my phone. She has a nice, clean, pastel aesthetic plus fantastic posts about study tips, self-care, and motivation.

Polly Florence

Polly Florence Edwins lives in the UK, and I’ve also been following her blog for a while. While it’s mostly a book and travel blog, the comfortable autumn vibes always calm me down and motivate me to make my life better. Her monthly Spotify playlists are always quality and her Instagram, too! 

Ways to Study

Rose is a Dutch student studying Law. Her blog is always clean, pretty, and fresh! Her posts almost always have plants in them, which is such an #aesthetic. Because she wants to work for the International Court of Justice, she stays pretty anonymous and doesn’t post her face, yet she still manages to make her posts very personal. She’s got great tips too!

Emily Studies

Emily is a STEM student from the UK who always has cute visuals and fun tips! She even makes her own Printables, which I’m a huge fan of no matter what. I love me a goooood printable. Plus, she’s got a Student Notes Network where she and a bunch of other study blogs promote one another. We stand women who lift up other women!