3 Organizations Combatting Sexual Assault on College Campuses

It’s safe to say that our generation is a generation of student activists. Student activism exists on every campus and comes in many shapes and sizes. More recently at DU, the Instagram account @wecandubetter has put a much-needed spotlight on just how frequent sexual assault, harassment, and gender violence really is. Reading the brutally honest and raw stories of fellow students here at DU really hit home for me. It prompted me to look into existing organizations dedicated to helping students combat sexual violence on campus. Here are a few of them. 


SAFER is an organization that provides students combating sexual violence the knowledge and resources they need. It was founded in 2000 by students from Columbia University. Their mission is founded around the hope that one day we will live in “a world where survivors receive support, schools are held accountable, and students hold the power to effect change.” 

Their website provides a lot of research on basic information about sexual assault and interpersonal violence. They answer questions about the prevalence of sexual assault, who typically perpetrates it, why a lot of survivors don’t report, and more. They provide research on the policies surrounding these issues. Their website is a good place to go to become more knowledgeable and equipped to address these issues on your own campus.

2. No More

This organization assists students in ‘branding’ their activism. The No More symbol and toolkit provides students and groups with unified branding and resources to spread the word about sexual assault and domestic violence. Their goal is to have a dedicated symbol (just like other movements) that people become familiar with. It is about saying “no more” to sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as taking action to address these issues.

3. End Rape on Campus

This is another organization that aims to provide support for survivors, education about the issues surrounding sexual violence, and policy reform on campus. They envision a world where one day, “each individual has an educational experience free from violence, and until then, that all survivors are believed, trusted, and supported.” 

Their website provides resources for students to learn about the laws surrounding policy and includes a Campus Accountability Map that provides an in-depth look at the sexual assault investigation policies, prevention policies, and more on institutions around the US.

These are only a few of an expansive list of existing organizations supporting student activism surrounding sexual violence. These organizations provide extremely useful resources for anyone interested in joining the fight to provide support, awareness, and action for the lack of policy enforcement on campus. 

From the looks of the @wecandubetter Instagram account, this is something that is much needed at DU and at campuses everywhere.