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10 Things Girls With Short Hair Are Tired of Hearing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DU chapter.

Hair is regarded as one of the most feminine qualities a woman can have. However, there are many women breaking tradition by not having luscious locks. Although having short hair in American society is not the shock and statement it once was, it still inspires many questions and comments. Some are simply curious, others are simply rude. Here’s a short list of questions and statements that gals like myself are tired of answering.

1. You must never have a bad hair day.

Oh, I wish. You’d be surprised at how “bad” a few inches of hair can get. As my roommate can testify, my hair sticks straight up in the mornings. And even after blow drying it, using product, or dousing it with water, sometimes it still doesn’t sit right. And I can’t just throw it in a messy bun or French braid it when it does that. Sigh. let’s not talk about hat hair.

2. Having short hair must be soooo expensive.

Of course this depends on your cut, if you color it, and where you get it done. But considering I get my haircut at the little boys’ price at Supercuts, I’d say I’m still saving money on multiple haircuts a year compared to all the hair ties, bobby pins, and other hair tools gals with long hair have to deal with.

3. Do you miss having long hair?

You will know that day has come when I start to grow it out again. Personally, for me, I don’t think that day will ever come.

4. Were you afraid you were going to look like a boy?

Even if I was bald, I’m fairly sure I’d still look like a girl. So no.

5. Were you afraid you were going to look like a lesbian?

This one is often asked in a slight curiously whispered tone, as if identifying as LGTBQ+ is something to be ashamed of or it is information they’ve always been dying to ask. But once again, no. However, I will say that my sexual identify has been mistaken because of my pixie cut. That yes, in choosing to have my hair more like Peter Pan than Wendy, I surely must be this and not that. But this is a bigger problem society has with stereotyping and labeling, and it goes far beyond my particular cut and looks.

6. What did your significant other/friends/family think?

When I first cut it off, they maybe thought, “Cool”?? I guess? It wasn’t a total surprise. And as I’ve varied my short hair over the years, they’ve let me know which style they like best. But, I cut it off for me. Not for anyone else. So I will continue to style it as I please.

7. I don’t usually like short hair on girls, but it looks good on you.

Ah yes, the backhanded compliment. Usually from a confused-looking guy trying to hit on me but also trying to find where the rest of my hair went. Sorry bud, don’t have time for you and your 19th century ideals.

8. What about your wedding?!

WHAT about it? I will look like me! Why would I grow out my hair for my wedding just to have it done in an updo? My hair is already “up”! And bonus: I’ll save money on hair and makeup!

9. Do you have a hair tie?

Surprisingly, I get asked this often enough to have it make the list. No. Not since 2012.

10. You’re so lucky you have short hair!

Honey, there’s no luck about it! If you want a badass haircut, by all means, hand me some scissors*!

*Just kidding. You would never want me to cut your hair. Ever. But I’ll go with you to have it done!

Claire graduated with a business degree in hospitality management from the University of Denver in 2019. She was a Her Campus DU Contributor from 2015-2017 and led as Co-Campus Correspondent from 2017-2019. Her favorite hobbies include drinking coffee, writing, tweeting, and attempting to learn Mandarin.