Ranking The Hotties of "Pretty Little Liars"

If you are one of the millions who follow the hashtag #PLL every Tuesday, chances are you have some very strong opinions about your favorite characters, your least favorite version of "A," and your favorite eye candy. "Pretty Little Liars" has been a boon to young adult women across the country, giving us something to escape to when homework is clogging our brains and something to laugh at when we're stressed.

So what if there's no chance that this many things could happen to four teen girls without anyone finding out? So what if we all know none of those girls are actually in their teens? So what if their outfits are all way too outrageous to wear IRL? Who cares? It's a fantastic distraction from whatever is going on in your hectic life. Plus, ABCFamily has been super generous in the casting of the Liars' boyfriends, teachers, brothers, and investigators. Cheers to there being something in the water in Rosewood! These are HC Drexel's definitive rankings of the guys on "Pretty Little Liars." Let the drooling (and the debating) commence!

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