I Tried The Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette And You Should Too

I’ve been a fan of Shane Dawson since he first got his start on YouTube in 2008. I remember watching his early videos with my older sister and falling in love with him through sketch comedies, music video parodies and comical original songs. Shane’s rebranding in recent years has only allowed me to further fall in love with him. He has shown his most authentic self, no longer hiding behind the comedy, and just doing what he loves regardless of the usual restraint to upload schedules and regular posting. I’ve loved every project he’s done, but my favorite has been his new series: The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.

I watched the series in its entirety and kept up with the latest palette news on Twitter. Eventually, it was announced that the Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Collection would be launched on November 1st. When that fated Friday hit, I sat at my computer, refreshing the website minutes before it was set to release at 1 pm. I got in immediately, but was met with a browser that refused to fully load, and site traffic that hardly allowed me to even scroll through the items. With intent to purchase the entire collection, I didn’t give up, and eventually made it past the checkout queue around an hour after the initial launch. I’d received a confirmation page, with a hold being placed on my bank account to truly set in the notion that I had successfully purchased one of the most sought-after collections in the beauty community.

Then I woke up the next morning.Image Courtesy of Jefree Star Cosmetics

With no trace of a confirmation email or an order history, and the money having been placed back into my bank account, I realized I’d become a victim of high-volume site traffic that restricted my order from fully processing. I was crushed, of course. Just a few hours ago, I’d gone to bed thinking I’d purchased the entire collection, and I woke up with everything sold out and no clue of when a restock would occur.

Eventually, Jeffree Star Cosmetics let everyone know that there’d be a pre-order restock for both the Conspiracy and Mini Controversy palettes the Tuesday following the release. I jumped on the opportunity to at least purchase the palettes, which I secured rather quickly. Then I took a trip to the King of Prussia mall in hopes of helping my little sister purchase a dress for her first school dance. We stopped by the new Morphe store in hopes of checking out the collection’s posters. When we arrived at the front entrance, however, we saw that there were several palettes left due to a shipping issues the store encountered at launch, allowing them to put the rest of their units on display that afternoon. I was lucky enough to purchase both palettes in-store, canceling my pre-order and feeling the instant gratification of no longer having to wait until mid-December to receive my order. And of course, without surprise, both palettes were everything and more than what I’d hoped they’d be.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics has been one of my favorite makeup brands since it initially launched in 2014. I’ve been a fan of red lipstick since the eighth grade and was ecstatic to try his redrum shade when he initially released his first velour liquid lipstick collection. Ever since then, I’ve never gone back. Being a long time fan of Shane Dawson, the hint at their palette during the first series they did together excited me beyond words. Two of my all-time favorite YouTubers were finally coming together in a way no one had before, and I was more than ready to experience the iconic partnership along with the rest of the world. 

The accompanying series to the collection was an emotional voyage on its own. From documenting Shane Dawson and Ryland Adam’s proposal to the final scene with their palettes being manufactured as Catie Turner’s Prom Queen plays in the background, I relished every moment of the new series, and truly fell in love with it. 

Image Courtesy of Jefree Star Cosmetics

If the series wasn’t enough, finally getting my hands on both new palettes certainly did it for me as well. From the unique pyramid shape of the Conspiracy palette to its unique color wave and nostalgia-ridden shade names, the colors of the palette are both unique and useful to seasoned makeup veterans and newbies who want a more simplistic look. My favorite shade is probably “Trisha” as it’s a luminous pink shade with an ethereal glow to it. Other notable shades include “Sleep Paralysis,” a unique silver color with black glitter sparkled throughout; “Illuminatea”, the most gorgeous, deep glittery green I’ve ever laid eyes on; and “Just A Theory”, a classic take on a warm gold tone. The palette caters to both Shane and Jeffree’s fans, with just the right mix of nostalgia for Shane’s fans, and unique beauty for Jeffree’s.

There’s been slight criticism that the palette’s colors are not cohesive. I entirely disagree. Each row matches beautifully, and you’re able to create looks that are exclusive to this palette alone. Not to mention, the palette’s theming was never meant to focus on colors alone. This isn’t Blue Blood, whose primary focus was shades of blue, nor Blood Sugar, which focused on shades of red. To me, the purpose of this palette was to create something never done before, with shades that made nods to Shane’s past on YouTube (see shade: "Food Videos"), as well as the thing his fans adore the most: his conspiracy theory videos. This palette checks off every box in terms of this, and it has become my new essential when doing makeup looks for nights out, days in and everything in between.