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Activities I do to make my mornings better!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

On the days that I have work before classes, I’ll wake up a little earlier to make sure I get done with my usual morning & skincare routine. However, on the days that I do not have work, I’ll wake up at 8 am and still do my morning meditations, skincare routine and prepare for the week ahead, all before my morning classes. Listed below are some of the activities I do to help me have a better start to my day.


I love the Calm App and don’t know where I would be without it! There are different morning and nighttime meditation sections. Some are sleep time routines, sleep stories, guided meditation, meditation through stress, work, self-care, and more! Each one caters perfectly to your needs, and I love the daily gratitude series. Super relaxing, and it’s a great way to start my morning.


If I wake up early enough, I’ll try to go on a light jog or walk around my area to wake me up even more or at least try to get a workout in, whether it’s yoga or a quick HITT routine something to get my body moving. I find it super helpful to exercise in the morning vs. at night just because I get tired throughout the day and only want to sleep once I’m done working and classes.

Read motivational messages

My mom every morning sends me her “Joyful Living with Robyn” motivational quotes and biblical scriptures, and I look forward to those messages because almost every time she sends them, it relates to something going on in my life. Some quotes may be longer than others, but overall the messages are most important to me. It’s a good reminder to myself to stop stressing and only focus on what I can control. 

Listen to Music

I can’t start my day without listening to music. I usually listen to episodes from Soulection Radio by Joe Kay on Apple Radio, or I’ll listen to one of my calming playlists. Either way, I have to hear something! 

Get Organized

I have to stay on top of my agenda. I double-check that all my calendars and planners resemble the same schedule, and if not, I’ll fix it. Sticky notes on a mac are crucial; they keep me organized and are super helpful. Having a checklist and checking off everything is so rewarding and makes me happy. It’s the little things like such where I am at peace.

These five activities help me stay focused, motivated, and balanced, which is super important these days! I can see a difference in my productivity and overall wellbeing when I’m not only well-rested, have had a great breakfast but am also taking time for myself in the mornings. If you can do so, you should; I can guarantee you’ll feel so much better throughout the days ahead! 

Her Campus Drexel contributor.