3 Fitness Mistakes We're All Making

Whether you’ve just gotten back into it or you've been at it for a while now, it’s that time of the year again - bikini body season! None of us want to waste precious time so before you get too into your workouts, make sure you keep these principles in mind! Avoid these familiar mistakes and misconceptions to keep you on the right track! You all know your personal goals! Whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle or just being healthy, focus on your own situation and apply these words to you!


1. Not challenging yourself

Okay, I know this one is easier said than done, but this is a common mistake I’m always hearing about! When I started writing this article, I asked some friends about this anxiety. Everyone agreed that they were all too intimidated to mix things up fearing they'd embarrass themselves! Now this may not be the case for everyone, but think about it ladies, do you think others at the gym are there to judge us? Nope. They don’t care - they have their own workouts to focus on! So, don't get caught up doing the same routine everyday. Your body will adapt to the movements and you will burn less calories in the process. Try a new machine, increase your reps or try a totally new exercise! If you go through your reps easily, increase the weight! Trust me on this one, if you challenge yourself, you will most likely surprise yourself. Just focus on exhaling as you work against the weight and inhale as you let go to make it easier. If the exercise is too much for you to do with proper form, you can always take some off. Challenging yourself is the only way you’re going to see results, so take a chance - it’s worth it!


2. Overtraining 

Yep, overtraining is a real thing. Start slow and work your way up. A good sense of balance is important and this means taking rest days, ladies! I cannot emphasize this enough! Treat your body right, so you can continue to exercise and won’t be cut short by silly injuries that you could have prevented. If you’ve just starting hitting the gym again, this especially applies to you. Too much, too soon can be detrimental to your body and lead to bad form. Get your form right first, then you can begin to increase weight or advance in your workout. Give yourself a routine that focuses on certain muscle groups each day (ie. leg day, arm day, ab day, etc.) so you can give your muscles the necessary 48-hour recovery period. Cardio should also be mixed into your routine and not the only thing you do!   


3. Not fueling your body properly

If you want to see some progress from your workouts, it’s crucial to back them up with a healthy diet. Unfortunately, you can’t outwork a bad diet. So, ditch the post-workout doughnut and opt for a smoothie instead! Eating well is always a good habit to get into, but if you’re going to be exercising regularly, it is especially important. Don’t forget what they say, abs are made in the kitchen! Okay, yes, good abs come from a variety of factors, but if we feel good, we look good, right? Apart from eating all your fruits and veggies (this means vitamins!), make sure you’re hydrating and eating enough protein. Healthline recommends that the average “sedentary woman” have 46 grams of protein per day. Proteins are the main building blocks of our body, which also boost our metabolisms and keep us feeling full for longer. This is a simple task that abundantly benefits your body, so you can do this! Sleep is also a critical aspect of our health, which is often overlooked because of our busy schedules as college students! Sleep habits directly influence quality of training and recovery periods. As college students, we should be getting at least eight hours! So, prioritize your beauty sleep, hydration and nutrition.

See you at the beach!