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books on brown wooden shelf
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Lib Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Those All Day Library Study Sessions

 1. Caffeine!

Freshman year I gave in and got addicted to coffee. Science says it’s actually good for productivity, so if you don’t bring your own coffee/soda/scary energy drink, make sure you know where to find them on campus at any time. 

2. The Perfect Planner

Make sure to check your planner before heading to the lib or you could end up forgetting important books or assignments. Few things are more satisfying than crossing off all the stuff on your to-do list at the end of a long day.

3. Web Printing

Did you know you can print from your own computer? Have you experienced the rage of waiting 20 minutes for the campus computer to load in order to print like one stupid assignment? Save yourself the trouble and learn how to web print! Many schools have online methods for printing, you just have to figure out which printer you want and voila! Check out the Dickinson web print link here!

4. Bring layers!

You never know if the library is going to feel like the arctic or the seventh circle of hell so make sure to dress to accommodate both. The library doesn’t care if it’s 75 degrees out or 30 degrees, the library does what it wants. 

5. Headphones

Forgetting your headphones is the absolute worst. Will it be worth it to go back and get them? How will you procrastinate with endless YouTube videos and Netflix? Don’t do that to yourself, always remember your headphones. Headphones can be especially helpful if you get distracted by your surroundings easily. Tune everyone out and get to work so you can go home and sleep. 

6. Bring Snacks 

This is so important. Your brain needs fuel and sometimes that fuel is sour gummy worms. Bringing your own snacks can be helpful on days when you are super busy, but leaving the library to get some can be a nice break to rest your brain and stretch your legs. You can also set goals and treat yourself to a snack when you reach them. Nothing like some self-bribery!

7. Bring a Study Buddy 

Studying can be boring and lonely, but it doesn’t have to be! Find a friend who is a good balance of productive and entertaining. You don’t want to get too distracted but having someone fun to spend the day in the lib with is way better than suffering alone.


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