6 Lies about Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great experience overall and I encourage everyone to think about it as an option. I loved my experience in Bologna, Italy but I would be lying if I said there was not negative aspects to hit. It is important to acknowledge misconceptions about studying abroad because failing to do so can seriously damper your study abroad experience .


1. It will be non stop fun.


Abroad is fun! But it will not be fun every day or all the time. Sometimes it is boring or mundane. Other times it is stressful. If you aren’t having fun that does not mean you are doing study abroad wrong, it is just a part of life. Don’t feel pressured to make sure you are happy all the time because in the end that will end up making you less happy

2.You should travel as much as possible.

Traveling is great, but remember that you are studying abroad in order to get an experience living in another country. That place will never feel like home if you leave every weekend. It is important to find a balance between traveling and staying in your host city. Also, traveling can be expensive so don’t feel like you have to blow your entire savings.


3. It’s non stop drinking.

I did go out a lot more while I was abroad and with the drinking age being 18 in Italy, I finally got to go to bars for the first time. However, I did not go out every night and it was not a non-stop party. Some people, especially people who did not study abroad, seem to think that abroad is just about partying/going out. While it is perfectly ok to do these things, it is not even close to the majority of abroad!


4. That the classes are easy. 

Ok, I’ll be honest, I felt that my classes were a bit easier but that did not mean I did not have to do work and study. I also was not in clubs like I usually am so I had more time to devote to my classes, so that might have contributed to them being a bit easier. My abroad classes factored into my GPA so I definitely couldn’t slack off. Also, living abroad itself is a challenging learning experience.


5. You’ll never want to come home. 

You will get homesick and this is ok! Not only is it ok but it is completely natural.  


6. It will be easy.

It’s not supposed to be easy. Living in a new country is hard. Leaving most of your friends is hard. This is important to acknowledge before you go. Otherwise you could be in for a rude awakening.