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What Being in College During COVID19 Looks Like for Me

Due to Covid19 and other reasons, revolving around covid19, this is the first year of college that I will spend at home. One of the reasons was I felt that there was not enough progress with stopping the spread of this virus, for me to feel safe. I understand that Delaware state has used the last five months to create a plan, as the year goes by, I will watch and see how it works to determine if I will live on campus next year.

It has been one week in the new semester and honestly, I have mixed feelings about it. First, I have already had problems with Blackboard. What blackboard has that is like zoom, for one of my classes it allowed me to join the class, but not be able to see my professor. This only happened in one class, so I truly don’t know what the issue was. Another problem I had was that my grades were not showing up on my professor’s side. On my computer, I saw the date I submitted the assignments, within the time of completion. Due to this, I had to get in contact with the I.T department, and usually, it takes a while for them to fix the problem. Other than these I feel like since I’m always on top of schoolwork, so I don’t think it will completely be a problem.

But for all the current students whether in high school, college, or any school-age child, I want to send positive messages and hope that you have a successful school year.

Hi, my name is Jamila Seidu and I am currently a student at Delaware State University and I am a kinesiology major. I love everything art and I'm not afraid to try something new, so here I am. I hope you enjoy.
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