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One thing I always had in the back of my head was how would my friendships move forward once we graduated from high school. Being in high school made me realize my friends were always there, whether I had a class with them or just saw them in the halls, it was always easy to keep these people in your life. But one of the constant that kept our friendship strong and together was out of the equation, it made me realize that friendships required a lot of work. Going from seeing someone every day to only seeing them when both schedules were free is hard. It one of the things that I struggle with and I have been out of high school for about three years now. I know it will get better in time.

Hi, my name is Jamila Seidu and I am currently a student at Delaware State University and I am a kinesiology major. I love everything art and I'm not afraid to try something new, so here I am. I hope you enjoy.
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