Why this Tiger Talk is Important

For seniors, the sun is quickly and sadly setting on our time at DePauw. And while our future as DePauw alums isn't set in stone, neither is the state of the University that we leave behind. This year has been a year that invites discussion about issues on campus facing the administration, the student body and the community both inside and outside DePauw, and now, this Sunday, there's an opportunity to engage in discussion with the President Brian Casey about the growth of the university, what progress still needs to be made, and the upcoming months before he steps down as President of DePauw and we're introduced to the next Head of School.

Though DePauw is a small school, with a tightly knit community feeling (at least from my perspective), there are times when student concerns are not addressed, issues aren't discussed, and greater misunderstandings, miscommunications, and missed chances happen much to the dismay of the concerned groups. That is why DePauw Student Government has planned its most recent event, Tiger Talk: President Brian Casey, to give the students a chance to take agency over a conversation with the President of the University. 

Beginning at 6p.m. on Sunday, February 28th, in Thompson Hall located in the GCPA, President Casey will talk about the growth of the university and the growth needed moving forward. The floor will then be opened to the student body for questions. There are not many schools that create opportunities for the student body to directly engage in conversation with the president, and for that I believe DePauw is unique. This event could be transformative in the progress the university makes moving forward, and I hope very much that for the love of the university and for the friends and peers we have here, that the student body takes initiatve to attend the event and actively participate.