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Springing Into Discounts

With spring right around the corner, everyone’s budget is slowly shrinking. Christmas money is disappearing, but so many things that require money are coming up like Spring Break and formals. To save some moo-lah and beef up your budget, be smart and save where you can! Everyone needs a little spruce up of the wardrobe every once and a while, so if you decide to go off campus to fulfill your shopping needs, be sure to remember these great discounts! Venture into J. Crew, where they are bringing the heat with a 15% discount if you flash your I.D. at checkout! Same goes for Madewell!

Banana Republic’s 15% discount will make you go bananas! Make sure to remember your student I.D. because the clothes at Banana are perfect for all of your future summer internship business casual needs! Ann Taylor also offers the 15% student discount!

Eddie Bauer also joins the 15% off club, giving you a discount on everything from outdoorsy clothing to camping essentials.

On a more local scale:

If you are in need of an unique staple item or you are just feeling thrifty, Goodwill will sometimes throw you a 10% discount on all of you fabulous finds depending on the time of year. Can you say, Mackelmore? 

Everyone has to eat, the question is, how can you eat the same amount of food for less? The following restaurants offer deals on meals with the flash of your student I.D. 

Waffle House has you covered, with a 10% discount on your waffle needs.  

Chipotle and Qdoba: Both places will give you a free drink with your purchase, but Qdoba throws in a burrito meal for $5. 


Being a student is expensive, but if we play our cards right, then life doesn’t have to be! You can find out about more student ID discounts, here!

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