Spring Jackets and Coats

The weather in the early spring weeks can change about as much as a guy’s feelings about someone. You never know if it’s going to be warm or cold or raining or snowing. Especially living in the Midwest, the early weeks of spring means you need to be ready for anything to be thrown your way. This also means your closet needs to be prepared for any type of weather.

Jackets and light coats are my go-to favorites when it comes to keeping warm while walking to and from class. Whether it’s 60 degrees and I’m wearing a light sweater or it’s 35 degrees and I’m in a sweatshirt and vest, here are my top five favorite jackets and coats to wear to keep me warm.

1. Jean jackets

It’s no lie that jean jackets are definitely in right now. They’re the perfect layer for when it’s 60 degrees and you just want a light cover up. These jackets are also pretty versatile in what you wear with them. You can throw it on over a sundress and pair it with some sandals, or you can go for an edgier look and wear it with black jeans and a basic V-neck underneath. Regardless of how you style it, jean jackets are sure to be the move this spring when trying to stay warm.

2. Patagonia or fleeces

Fleeces are the perfect jacket for those days when it’s going to be colder in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. They’re fuzzy and warm, so when you’re walking to an 8 a.m. you won’t freeze but they’re also light enough where you won’t be sweating walking to an afternoon class. Fleeces are also super comfy and make for a perfect jacket for when you’re lounging around the house.

3. Flannels

Flannels are perfect for when the weather finally stops fluctuating so much. They’re the perfect layer for days when the sun is shining and there is barely a breeze in the air. Plus, any flannel pattern looks cute on anyone so they’re an easy staple to have in your closet. Another upside to flannels is that you can find them for cheap prices at thrift stores. Pro tip for when you shop for flannels: always shop for men’s flannels because they’re bigger and tend to be softer.

4. Raincoats

This coat is kind of a given. No one likes feeling like a wet dog when they get to class, so a raincoat is perfect to have in your closet. Whether it reps your sorority letters or has a fun design on it, rain coats are a perfect way to stay dry in the early spring months. They’re also a great windbreaker, so even if it’s not raining these coats can be worn to block the wind.

5. Sweatshirts with a vest

This is part of my own personal style, but I also think it looks really cute on other people who wear it. I love pairing an old sweatshirt of mine with one of my vests when I need a laid-back outfit. The sweatshirt keeps me warmer than just the vest, and the vest provides a cute accent piece for the outfit. This combo is perfect when it’s 45 degrees outside and you don’t want to wear a heavy coat, but it’s not quite warm enough for a light jacket either.