Parisian Style

Okay, Parisian style is seriously so cute. It’s minimalistic, but gives you an air of ~ sophistication ~. Here are a few cute things to add to your wardrobe to make every walk through Greencastle feel like you’re walking past the Eiffel Tower. 

1. White Button-Down

One thing the Parisians always seem to be wearing is some sort of white button-down. It can be silk, satin, or just cotton. They all give off the same effect.  Bonus points if you find one with ruffles!

2. A Simple Pair of Pumps

I feel like every French girl looks like they are about to head to a business meeting, like...a stylish business meeting. Also, I don’t know if it is just me, but adding a pair of heels even to a pair of skinny jeans makes your outfit look ten times better. 


Stripes are a huge thing in European countries. I recently spent some time in Italy, and I feel like all the locals were wearing stripes, particularly black and white. The upside to them being black and white is that you can pair it with almost anything and kill it. 

4. A Sweater and Collared Shirt

 If you want to add class to any of your looks, it’s super simple to take a sweater you wear all the time but add a button-up underneath. It immediately makes the outfit more professional and put-together. 

5. Trench Coat

If you are going for the Parisian style, you need to invest in one of these. For some reason, they add a European twist to so many outfits. I don’t know why, but just look at these outfits… Definitely Insta worthy. 

6. Patterned Jackets

Look and feel like a girl boss CEO who is taking a lunch break at a sweet café. Thank me later!! Right now is the perfect time to get one now that the weather is getting cold!

7. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

In addition to the heels I mentioned above, black booties and black slip-ons are totally the French style. They also are super popular in Italy, so if you go for more of an Italian vibe, these work great too!  Also, the black slides I chose to show you are Gucci (at least I’m pretty sure…I’m a college student) but you can definitely find a less expensive version at places like Topshop, Forever 21, or H&M.  Please don’t break your bank!!