Motivation for Midterms—And Why You Will Survive Them

So you have three midterms, or maybe just two, but maybe they are both essay-based and the class has been kicking your butt. So what? While I won’t say there’s no reason to stress (stress can be good encouragement, but only in moderation), this isn’t the end of the world. Really. Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed, and when you need to, put everything in perspective and enjoy what’s happening around you.

It is the beginning of fall!

It’s finally socially acceptable to wear sweaters, put up Halloween decorations and plan out costumes. Whether you’re a Halloween junkie or not, you can still just be thankful that the fall weather has been uncharacteristically pleasant for Indiana. Try studying outside to make the most of the weather while getting in some valuable cramming. Just don’t let yourself miss some of the prettiest days that we’ll see for awhile.

Since it’s fall, Fall Break is a lot closer than it feels.

 We’re almost there. Even though a black hole of midterms and tests might be between you and that sweet week of freedom, just take it step by step. Each test you take and each early morning is one step closer to Fall Break. (Seriously. I promise it’s coming.)


And while studying is important and midterms are a big deal…

…Don’t let them ruin your life. Midterms mean that the fall term is technically half over, but that just means that if any of your midterms don’t go how you want them to, you have another half of the semester to make up for it. So study and try your best, but don’t make yourself miserable. You’ve got this. (Really. You do.)