Lauren Wigton '16

This week's Campus Profile is an incredibly involved indivudal who simply has got it going on. She's one of the nicest people on campus, and it's very clear that her future is bright. When I got the chance go ask her a few questions about life, I learned just how great she is. Meet Lauren "Wiggy" Wigton!

Lauren, a senior from Milwaukee, Wisconsin found DePauw through the Media Fellows Program. She said, "The Media Fellows program and all the media related opportunities are what really drew me to DePauw in the first place. The athletic opportunities, student to professor ratio and community were all a bonus! I couldn't imagine if I had chosen anywhere else." She just completed a short term internship at an Indianapolis radio station, so her participation in the Media Fellows has definitely had real life successes! 

She's currently the Station Manager of DePauw's very own radio station, 91.5 WGRE, an organizaiton that she loves. If you don't believe me when I say she adores it, just read her words for yourself:

"I have been involved since my freshman year when my good friend Ellen and I took a radio show together. Since then I have held the positions of Assistant Sports, Assistant Music, Music and Programming Director. Now, as Station Manager, looking back on my three and half years as a WGRE team member, I wouldn't change it for anything! WGRE has given me an undeniable confidence in my organizational, creative and leadership abilities. No where else can you broadcast, as a freshman, the Division 3 #1 Women's Basketball team's games, manage over 200 DJs in a campus organization that operates 24/7, all the while, maintaining a national record of excellence as the #4 college radio station (Princeton Review ranking). There is nothing like WGRE. It is an incredible team of students, faculty and community members that all come together to create something, undoubtedly, awesome! "

Her DePauw experience is one she'll remember for a lifetime. She's gained valuable mentoring experience from Dr. Jeff McCall, a communication professor but also her academic advisor. For Lauren, one of the best parts of DePauw are the close connections that students can make with the professors, and Lauren attributes a lot of her success as a life long learner to him, "Dr. McCall has helped me grow as a student, an organizer and a leader. I wouldn't be where I am today without his encouragement, support and belief in me."

You can catch her riding her bike in Little Five, just like she did her sophomore year with some of her sorority sisters. But while she continues to live the life of a tremendous leader on campus, she left me with this advice to share with students:

"Stay curious! If you are unsure about a class, activity or internship - whether you will like it or if it will be beneficial to you - do it! You never know where these unknown roads might take you and what incredible things you'll learn along the way."