How To Dress Up Everyday Jeans

It’s 8 a.m., the birds are chirping, you can smell coffee from your neighbor's room, the sun is shining, but you, having only gotten a few hours of sleep, are not as happy-go-lucky as the early birds. Figuratively and literally. You have a test in twenty minutes that you were up all night studying for—but dressing like a slacker makes you perform like a slacker. Here’s a few ways to dress up your favorite pair of everyday jeans and a simple tee.

1. Scarf or Bandana

A scarf makes for a perfect pop of color without putting much effort in at all—bonus points if you match your lipstick to the scarf. Find this one at any thrift store or lying around—all you need is a $3 bandana!

2. A Statement Belt

Obviously, you don’t need to buy a real Gucci belt…we’re students at a private liberal arts school, we can’t afford that! This has been a trend going around Instagram on every influencer, Youtuber, and their mother’s feed. Honestly, a little trip to Goodwill is all you need to find a unique one. Also, I’m sure if you look for it, you can find a Gucci imposter ;) 

3. Statement Jewelry

Honestly, statement jewelry makes any outfit ten times cuter. Try looking at Forever 21, downtown boutiques, or any place of your choosing (maybe even Walmart if you’re lucky).

4. A Bright Lip

Adding a bright lip immediately freshens up your look and makes you look more awake and more put-together—a win-win situation! For the best drugstore lippies, check out my previous article—Fall Makeup Steals!

5. A Pair of Booties

Every girl has their favorite pair of booties, so why not pull them out to feel a little taller and that much more confident?

6. A Fun Jacket

This jacket can really be anything you want it to be. I’ve seen girls wear vintage rain jackets, camo, army jackets—the list never ends.  Add your own twist to this cute and simple combo!