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End of the Semester Essentials

We’re getting down to the last couple of weeks of classes, which means that our final Walmart/Kroger runs of the semester are coming up. While you’re stocking up on all of your regular necessities, make sure to pick up some final essentials so you can spend the rest of the remaining days with your nose to the grindstone.


In case finals are really getting you down. But seriously: stock up on these just in case so that you don’t have to go out some other time, when you should really be studying, to buy them. Spring is here, so bad allergies are a definite possibility, and no one wants to be sniffling during their finals.

Face Masks, Coloring Books, etc.

You’re going to be putting in major work during these next few weeks, so get a few things to make sure that you keep your sanity. Whatever you need to give you a minute away from all of your work to practice some self-care, get it. 

Motivation Snacks

After your third hour of studying, sometimes it takes a little coaxing to keep going. Or sometimes you just need a reward for all of your hard work. Either way, getting yourself your favorite candy, or any other kind of snack, can make studying just a little bit more bearable.

Index Cards

Get some of these if you’re running low, for a variety of reasons. Obviously, they’re great for studying and quizzing yourself on vocabulary or concepts. But also, stock up on these to write some heartfelt notes for your roommates or friends. You can boost their spirits with some finals motivation, or even write them a note to tell them how much you’ll miss them when you part ways for the summer. As finals approach and things get hectic, don’t forget to support the people around you as well as yourself!

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