Elizabeth Morales '17

Junior, Elizabeth Morales, stands out on campus with her trends, her personality, and her involvement in so many different things. A 3-year Her Campus DePauw veteran, Elizabeth has joined the team in a new role this year as a Co-Campus Correspondent and we are so excited to see what this year has in store!

Her Campus: What things are you involved in on campus?

Campus Celebrity: I’m the treasurer as well as a flyer on the DePauw Cheerleading squad and I also volunteer at Asbury Towers Retirement Community right by the square downtown. I’m a member of the Global Partners program and the DePauw Catholic Student Association. And of course I’m heavily involved with Her Campus!

HC: When did you first become involved in Her Campus?

CC: After visiting the Activities Fair my freshman year.

HC: Do you remember why you wanted to start writing for HC DePauw?

CC: As a freshman, I was looking for things to get involved in. When I saw the Her Campus table, I was immediately intrigued because I enjoy writing and thought that HC was a great way for me to be able to broadcast what I write to a larger audience.

HC: What was your favorite article to work on while writing for Her Campus?

CC: Definitely any of the pieces I did for Style Blog. I especially enjoyed the grunge and boho pieces because they reflected my personal style at the time.

HC: You interned as a writer for CollegeFashionista over the summer, tell me about that?

CC: It was a fantastic experience! I have always been interested in fashion, but haven’t truly had the opportunity to express this passion until participating in this internship. Basically all summer long I wrote a fashion article a week describing different trends people around my community wore that I found interesting. My favorite pieces were the “Style Guru Style” articles where I got to express my personal style by creating outfits imitating famous designers’ collections. I’m lucky enough to continue my internship this semester as well, but I only have to write one article a month so I have more time to focus on producing quality content for HC!

HC: What do you like most about writing for women at the college/young adult age?

CC: I love writing for an audience that I can directly relate to. When writing essays and other assignments, I often have to write in an elevated tone that doesn’t accurately display my voice. However, writing for women my age assures that I can speak more freely and truly convey the messages I want to in an accurate way.

HC: What do you find challenging about writing for women at the college/young adult age?

CC: It’s often hard to please everyone when writing for college women –especially in opinion pieces. I try to remain neutral, but with fashion pieces it is important to discuss your likes and dislikes. But, still, when a person doesn’t agree with you she is sure to let you know!

HC: You’re a new Campus Correspondent for Her Campus DePauw! Congratulations!! What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

CC: Thank you so much! I’m SO excited to be the new Co-Campus Correspondent for our chapter of Her Campus this year. I’m looking forward to building our chapter to be even better than before. My goal is to help us produce high-quality content as well as create a bond amongst our members.

HC: How do you think the year is going to go, do you have any expectations?

CC: I think this year is going to be amazing for HC DePauw. We just had our first meeting this past week and it definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of turnout and great ideas for new articles. If HC DePauw continues on this path, I definitely expect us to form a larger presence on campus and grow further as a team.