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#CelebrateYourself Survival Kits

We LOVE when Her Campus sends us things…but we REALLY LOVE when those things come in the form of Her Campus Survival Kits! Being a college student can be so hard, especially as the year winds down and the stress levels heighten. It’s great to know that someone’s got our backs, and we will definitely benefit from the HC Summer Survival Kits we just received!


The products we receive from our sponsors and HC each time they send us these Survival Kits are incredible, if you can’t tell by the photo above. The theme was #CelebrateYourself and all the the products coincided with that initiative. Here’s a list of some of the amazing gifts we got from our sponsors. 

-Chipotle BOGO Cards

-boohoo “April Showers” ponchos (in pink,..how great!!)

-Copies of Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin 

-Crunch Live–Free month of workouts


But the best thing included in the gifts was, by far, the #CelebrateYourself cards that we got to fill out as a team. In a stressful time of the year, the Her Campus DePauw members got to take a few minutes and find something to celebrate in the midst of the chaos. 

Thank you to our Sponors and to Nationals for the Survival Kits…I think we’ll make it to the summer with them!!


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