4 Things You'll Miss About Winter

In central Indiana December through February is the peak of the infamously cold and dreary season called winter. So when I flipped my calendar over to March, one word came to my mind: spring, aka no more freezing temperatures, snow or ice. But let’s not bag on winter too much. Despite the bad weather and freezing mornings walking to class, you know you had some good moments during winter, too. During the hot summer days that are just around the corner, you know you’ll be missing some of these winter wonders.

Fun in the Snow

This winter brought us a few good snows, so a lot of individuals took the opportunity to make the best of it. Whether we made snowmen, snow angels or went sledding, we made good memories with friends.

Winter Fashion

It may have been 12 degrees outside, but you looked amazing. Your winter coat went down to your knees, but you rocked it. And you know you’ll miss wearing your favorite boots.

Winter Treats

The more reasons you have to drink hot chocolate, the better. Sadly, this beloved treat will out of fashion come springtime. While there’s no saying you can’t still drink it (I have been eating ice cream all winter), there’s just something cozy about drinking hot chocolate when you’re all bundled up and trying to stay warm.

Those Indiana-Style Warm Days

After a week of freezing temperatures you checked the weather and did a happy dance when you found out that it was going to be 65 degrees. Nothing feels better, even just for a day, than leaving your coat at home and getting to enjoy a day outside.
Thanks for the good times, winter. Catch you next year.