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My Top Four Classes Of Freshmen Year At DePaul

While my freshman year at DePaul was not like any normal school year, I was still able to take classes that I found interesting and engaging (even in a zoom format). If you’re a prospective freshman at DePaul, I hope you can use this list to give you an idea of what classes to take during your first year.

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ENG 101: Introduction to Literature (Social Justice)

I took ENG 101 in the autumn quarter to fulfill the first required class of my major in English. Out of several topics to choose from, I decided on Social Justice. I read stories and watched documentaries focused on society’s most prominent issues, like cultural appropriation, racism, ableism, sexism, and sizeism. If you want a class where you can discuss your opinion and learn about a wide range of issues, take this topic for your first BA-English major core class or as an open elective.


LSP 112: Focal Point Seminar (Movie Musicals)

To fulfill my Focal Point Seminar class as part of DePaul’s Liberal Studies Core, I took Movie Musicals as my topic in the winter quarter. The best part of the Focal Point Seminar is the variety of topics to choose from. From sports to entertainment, there’s a class that fits everyone’s interests. I have always loved movie musicals so I excitedly enrolled in the class for the winter quarter. In this class, I was able to analyze famous musicals from multiple time periods and discuss with a group of students who were just as interested in movie musicals as me. The best part of this class was near the end of the quarter, we were able to make our own movie musical with a partner and do an individual project on a musical of your choice. I chose one of my favorite film musicals, Hairspray, for my final project.

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PSC 260: Law and the Political System

I took PSC 260 in the winter quarter to fulfill part of the social, cultural, and behavioral social domain for liberal arts majors. If you’re interested in law and the history of important United States Supreme Court decisions, take this class for sure. Before taking this class, I enjoyed reading Supreme Court decisions, so getting to talk about them with other people was even more interesting.


PSY 105: Introductory Psychology 105

I also took PSY 105 in the spring quarter to fulfill part of the social, cultural, and behavioral social domain. I have always been interested in psychology, especially social psychology. I took this class to see if I wanted to pursue a minor in psychology, and I loved everything I learned during the course of the class. My class went over classical and operant conditioning, memory, intelligence, childhood development, language, personality and social influences on behavior. Overall, if you have an interest in psychology and want to learn more about these topics, I definitely recommend you take this class.


I hope if you’re reading this as a prospective freshman to DePaul (or if you are already enrolled) that you found this useful and maybe encouraged you to enroll in one of these classes!

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