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Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

The film that started it all, John Carpenter's Halloween, originally premiered in 1978, and set off my love of horror movies. It was the first horror movie I ever saw, and I still remember the day my mom finally let me watch it like it was yesterday. Before, it was a mysterious VHS tape in the cabinet that had a creepy image of a pumpkin on the cover.

The music, cinematography, and Jamie Lee Curtis’s portrayal as Laurie Strode struck me in a way a film has never done before. It introduced me to the power film has to convey mystery, fear, and curiosity. So, I stuck it out and watched every Halloween sequel after that, even though they definitely didn’t live up to the first one.

However, that changed when I heard a sequel to the original Halloween was coming out. Instead of continuing the original sequels, it erased them, and continued the events that the 1978 version left off. Prior to watching the sequel, I was so happy the filmmakers decided to do this. It was an opportunity to get the story right and fix the mistakes the last sequels made.

Halloween (2018) was the perfect sequel to the original film. The storyline was clear and explained anything confusing that the last sequels failed to. It also completely erased the storyline of Strode and Myers being siblings, to explain why he wanted to kill her. Instead, Myers was a complete stranger to Strode who stalked and tried to kill her, murdering her friends in the process. In my opinion, this was done to start fresh with a new engaging storyline and to demonstrate Myer’s psychopathy. And the ending was a total shock with Strode, her daughter Karen, played by Judy Greer (a DePaul Theatre School alumnus!), and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), locking Myers in a hidden basement seemingly to die. Nonetheless, it is Myers, so of course, he survives, and you can hear his breathing at the end of the film.

This year, the sequel to the 2018 movie, titled Halloween Kills, was released. It was supposed to be released last year, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was pushed back. The film was released simultaneously in theatres and on the streaming device, Peacock.

I chose to see it in theaters to have the full experience of watching it for the first time. And I have to say, it was nice to be back in a movie theatre. I was so excited to see it and anxiously waited for the film to start. It begins where the 2018 film left off, Strode and her family are on their way to the hospital where they hear fire trucks going to where Myers has presumably died. Allyson’s ex-boyfriend, Cameron (Dylan Arnold), finds the body of Deputy Frank Hawkins (Will Patton). However, Cameron revives Hawkins, and the film travels back to 1978 where we see Hawkins explain the reason he needs to kill Myers himself, and a very special cameo which will make sense to those who watched the original film. That, I won’t spoil for you.

WARNING: Spoilers begin below!

The film comes back to the present, which is still 2018, and we see firefighters go into the burning house to rescue Myers. Myers goes on a murder spree murdering every firefighter there without a weapon. This scene was extremely gory. The 1978 film is infamous for its lack of gore and its demonstration that horror films don’t have to be super gory and violent in order to incite fear and suspense from the audience. This was also one of my favorite things about the it.

After the firefighter massacre scene, the gore is constant from there. The film felt like it was just created for Myers to go crazy and have a murdering spree. In the 1978 film, he went on a murder spree, but it was intentional, which also created suspense from the audience. In this film, it felt, for a lack of better phrase, a free for all.

While this is going on, the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois is going crazy looking for Meyers. At one point, a hospital is overrun and doctors are pushing patients down the stairs. I can't say this enough, but it was just too much. The ending is also one of the most bewildering endings I have ever seen in a horror film. Right when the public thinks they’re heroes and have finally killed Myers, he rises up from the dead and kills all of them with their own weapons. This wasn’t surprising and was definitely expected. However, his last kill of the film is the most shocking. I won’t spoil that one for you either.

This sets up another sequel and end to the trilogy, titled Halloween Ends, which will be released next October. So, we will have to wait one more year to see what will happen to Myers and if he will finally be killed. If you love the Halloween franchise, you have to go see this movie. But if you’re new, definitely watch the original film first before you see any of the new films.

My final score out of 5 stars: ★★☆☆☆

I gave Halloween Ends two stars because I do like the Halloween franchise, even though none of the sequels can live up to the original film. Also, I really liked Kyle Richard's return to the franchise. However, the gore and the overall chaos that disrupted the plot of the film did not earn the film more than two stars.

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