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The changing climate is a growing threat and great concern for our generation. I believe many of us know the facts, accept the facts, and yet change is difficult. Combating climate change and protecting our livelihoods will require many sacrifices. Whether we make changes now or later, we will have to adapt. Much change will have to come from political legislation and regulation, but we need everyone doing everything they can to mitigate greenhouse gases. We must reconsider our actions, daily practices, and purchases. Here are some ideas to lead an environmentally conscious life in college.

  1.      Always carry your own coffee mug and reusable water bottle. Avoid all the plastic and paper trash from bottles and cups. You will also stay hydrated, and save money. (I keep my mug carribenered to my book bag)
  2.      Do not charge devices overnight. Buy a powerstrip that can be turned off entirely.
  3.      Turn off your lights.  Open the shades (Do you really need the lights on, is it just habit?)
  4.      Use books from library (avoid buying new materials)
  5.      Thrift shop. Avoid buying new materials. Limit online shopping. Avoid all the plastic and box packaging. And donate your old clothing!​
  6.      Buy food snacks in bulk and reuse containers. Avoid the pre packaging, avoid the processed fake foods, and save money! Think fresh fruit, blocks of cheese, almonds and trail mixes. Buy some tupperware, or better yet, reuse a jar from the grocer.
  7.      Keep the shower under 5 minutes.​
  8.      Avoid meat and dairy. The industrial farming practices are harmful to the earth. Choose plants instead. 
  9.      Invest in reusable (washable) makeup remover pads
  10.      Walk, don’t drive
  11.      Read the label on beauty products. Make sure there are no toxic or harmful chemicals.
  12.     Print your papers double sided. Use half as much paper.
Rachel is a junior at Denison double majoring in Geoscience and Educational Studies. In addition to contributing to HerCampus, Rachel loves backpacking, reading, swimming, and listening to her favorite band, Pearl Jam.
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