College Relationships

Why didn’t he text me back? Has he added me on snapchat yet? Questions like these are just a few that constantly cloud the minds of many girls about their new romantic interest. Navigating the world of relationships is not always easy, especially during our college years. Although we often hate to admit it, even to ourselves, it’s easy to fall into the trap of obsessing over and putting far too much value on the validation from and opinions of others, especially potential romantic interests. So far, I’ve found three, relatively obvious, however very important tips to keep in mind when dealing with a frustrating romantic situation. 

  1. Play it cool. Freaking out and acting like someone you’re not never works. Try to take a deep breath and put whatever situation you’re working with into perspective. It’s always best to be as true to yourself as possible, you don’t want a relationship where you can’t be yourself anyways. 

  2. Don’t obsess. The more you read into it, the worse the whole situation will get in your head. The specific word choice or pattern of responding rarely means anything. You don’t need to run your response by at least three friends. The tiny things don’t mean anything. Let things happen as they do, without all the pressure. 

  3. Remember you aren’t the problem. It’s so easy to internalize the disappointment from a romantic situation as a fault of your own, but so much more often than not, it has nothing to do with who you are. We live in a culture that is full of one night stands and multiple partners, if someone doesn’t treat you how you deserve to be treated, that is not a shortcoming on your part, but rather their true colors being shown. Don’t let anyone dictate your value, you are no different with or without the boy (or girl).

In an overly critical world that is designed to inhibit the confidence of anyone who’s not walking in this years Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it is not only important, but imperative that we work together to lift each other up and encourage one another not to get bogged down on the snapchat that was left ignored. The world of college relationships is one that can be fun, but also exhausting and hard. It’s not always going to turn into your fairy-tale ending, but as long as you continue respecting and loving yourself, you’ll have strengthened the most important and lasting relationship in your life.