5 Small, Smart Things to Start Doing As a Second Semester Senior

It’s that time of the year where second semester seniors realize the haunting truth that in a few short months they’ll be pushed out of the bubble that is college and into the big wide world of scary adulthood. But no need to fear (too much), because here are 5 small, smart things you can start doing that will help you become a semi-grown ass woman by graduation.

1. Listen to podcasts.

Hate dead time? Feel like your wasting your life away in traffic? Instead of going on social media and killing your brain cells by scrolling through the same feed for the third time that day, do your brain a favor and listen to a podcast.

Podcasts are efficient ways for us busy millennials to attain knowledge. Not only do you just feel smarter afterward, but also you sound smarter when you talk to your adult colleagues or future employers about what you just heard on NPR.

Even if they’re not educational podcasts, you can at least feel good because you listened to a hilarious show or a dramatic story line without straining your eyes to more screen time.

My recommended podcasts:

  • NPR Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me!
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • This American Life

2. Put LinkedIn in your social media routine.

Good or bad, we are all somewhat addicted to social media. Personally, I need to make sure all the little red dot notifications are gone before I go to bed...

To make this routine productive, add LinkedIn into the loop! Add a person to your network, read the articles on the feed, look out for job notifications and you're one click closer to reaching that post college job.

3. Invest your money.


Although some people truly do struggle with money, I’ve noticed that 99% of the people I talk to who say they are “poor” end up spending half of their paycheck on Franzia every week (and thus, are not really poor).

So if you do have the means, clear out your shopping cart and put some money aside for some stocks. 

I suggested making an Etrade account and buying one stock that you’ve researched, then watch it grow! Then a little later, move on into a Vangaurd mutual fund.

Then by the time you graduate, you’ll already be on track with your savings.

P.S. Etrade & Vangaurd have apps so you can also add those into your social media routine.

4. Prioritize your health.

It’s time to stop pulling the all- nighters and eating pizza bites because you’re getting old and soon enough your body is just going to explode.

Exercise, eat well, and take care of your mental health and you will feel and perform 10x better. Taking care of yourself is crucial to surviving the real adult world.

My recommended Health Apps:

  • Headspace: For short meditation sessions
  • Youper: For quick therapy
  • MyDietCoach: For eating healthy
  • Daylio: For tracking your mood
  • Nike + Run Club: For guided runs
  • Fitness: For quick workouts

5. Be mindful.

The word “mindful” has been tossed around a lot lately, but for a good reason. Our generation has been so consumed with the past and present that its been difficult for us to be present in the now and this can lead to a lack of clarity.

However, learning to be mindful can help clear your thoughts and lead to better decision-making skills.

Start off by paying attention to your surroundings, consciously choosing your everyday activities and trying to appreciate the environment around you. Practicing these three small mental activities will make all the difference in your mental headspace, I promise.