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Dating: Safety Tips for Dates With People from Dating Apps

Covid-19 hasn’t been kind to us when it comes to trying to maintain our dating lives. The pandemic has meant that meeting people from dating apps is becoming increasingly popular. It is a lonely and isolating time for many people. However, Covid-19 aside, what's the harm with going on a Tinder date to have some fun? Spice up your life! (Once you are staying safe and looking after yourself) The dating world is exciting, but remember to be cautious as well.


Tell your friends all the deets, not just the juicy ones!

Your friends are your biggest fans, they’re going to want all the goss from the date. Even though you tell your friends about the butterflies and the fabulous time you had on the date, the most important information comes before the date. Make sure to tell your friends where you are going, who you are going with, and what time you expect to be home at.


Pop on your snap maps for your close friends. You might not be worrying, but that’s not to say your super dramatic friend isn’t already planning a nationwide search party for you when you’re five minutes late. Keep your girlies updated and notified! 


Agree on your intentions before-hand

Being on the same page as your date is fundamental to the development of the relationship between you both. If you’re both looking for casual sex and a bit of fun, agree on that together. 


If you want to take things slow, let your date know that this is what you want. However, always remember that you can change your mind at any time, whether the decision was made previously or not.


Make sure your phone is charged and you have credit/data

I can’t stress how important it is to have a charged phone that you can contact people from on your date. Imagine you’re craving a pizza, and you can’t ring Domino’s? Nightmare scenario. 


In all seriousness though, you never know what kind of situation you could end up in. You simply might not like the company you are in. Please always make sure that you are contactable.


Meet up in a public place

For the first date or two, it’s best to opt for a public place during the day where plenty of people can see you. You can’t be too trusting initially, get a vibe from your date and see how you feel. Move things at your own time, whenever you feel comfortable. 


There’s no harm with having a little stalk on their social media pages

My friends and I always have a little look at social media before we bop off on a date. I think it gives you a vibe and a feel for who they are, and what they’re interested in. Always be on the lookout for a catfish as well, it’s more common than we would like to believe. 

On a lighter note,  it’s natural to be curious about someone on social media but don’t go too overboard ladies! We can’t have them thinking that we’re too interested just yet.


Have safe sex

Especially with people from dating apps, make sure to protect yourself by having safe sex. Try to be prepared for any heated decisions you might make in the moment, we’ve all been there!  It might be a good idea to discuss how sexually active you both are. We are hearing less and less about sexual health during the Covid-19 emergency. Don’t let your guard down! After all, the easiest way to prevent STI’s is using a condom, especially in a time when treatment services are limited. 


Contraception is easier to get a hold of during Covid-19, it is a simple phone call to your doctor, and you can pick up the prescription in the chemist. Easy and convenient. Protecting yourself is just as important any time that you engage in sexual activities, but it’s that little bit more important with someone you don’t know.


We have an instinct when it comes to people, follow your gut. When it comes to dates with people from dating apps, think practically and sensibly. Just try to be extra careful and heedful when you’re meeting someone from the internet, it can be tricky to distinguish between what is real and what is not on social media.

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