A Moving On Prayer

I'd like to start this prayer with a simple poem:

when autumn

rolls around & the
trees lose their
sparks of life,
you still find summer 
where you left it.
Breathe easy
for they will 
not forget you.
You will remain,
as the wind 
spreads your seeds,
blossoming spring 


Breathe child. No matter how many responsibilities and land mines exist beside you, the inner of your soul still remains that small girl with big eyes who never stopped asking for more. Inhale the beauty surrounding you in these final days, and exhale the burdens, the worries. You are stronger than them combined; your body is a force stronger than every anxiety that pulls the hair from your head. Your body is ferocious. It has taken you this far. Breathe child. If it's one thing I learned, it's that he has a plan. You know him. You have never met physically, but he's made some pretty great impressions on you. I know you question him. Why you're here shaking at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday, or feeling alone in a crowded apartment in the whirl of a Saturday rush. You feel the energy around you, but your soul is not rupturing at the seams with excitement and thrill. Breathe child. The thrill will come, he has a plan & this was all a part of it. You were meant to be here for a year, to meet these amazing people. Breathe child, life will take you like the wind, and your seed will travel as you experience and blossom new beginnings. Breathe child, they will not forget you. When autumn rolls around, summer is a distant memory, but you still find sand in rare places. Breathe child, no matter how far the tide strays from the shoreline, it always returns for a final kiss. Breathe child, his currents will drag you exactly where you need to be. When you get there you will float, rather than tread water. Breathe child, that exhale will come soon. Get ready child, this is only the beginning. Get ready for your heart to start beating a new tune. Amen.


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