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Campus Cutie: Norma Barksdale ’15

Name: Norma Barksdale

Class: Junior

Eating House: Warner Hall

Major: Art History

Minor: French

Hometown: Oxford, Mississippi

Relationship Status: Single 

Activities: Women’s Leadership Conference, Book Club, Old Summit Trivia (team titled “Intruders in the Dust”)

“Inexplicably got here early!” shined across my iPhone screen as I battled through Sunday’s irritatingly robust winds on my way to meet Miss Barksdale. The exclamation and adverb-laden message was an embodiment of the perky junior I was to meet with. Immediately upon seeing Norma, a specific quality of hers brightened my eyes: the outfit. Wearing a black lace dress cinched with a narrow black belt, a nude cardigan that bore eclectic jeweled buttons, nude ballet flats with black patent rounded edges, pink lipstick, and pink nail polish, Norma struck me, like she normally does, as a woman from another era. I couldn’t help but begin this piece with her presence because the matchless style is undoubtedly a major facet of the Norma allure. As a closet English major, trivia wonk, and baking connoisseur, Norma Barksdale epitomizes the ultimate class crush.

Norma’s favorite part about herself: “I guess it’s that I like books. Is that boring? That sounds so boring! Yet, I think that’s it.” No Norma, that’s not boring. You’re strumming the heartstrings of many crushes whom await sonnet readings and teacups for two.

What Norma finds attractive in a guy: “Oh, I hate sounding cheesy, but it’s probably wit. And then also compassion.” Men, do you hear that? It’s time to get witty with it.

Norma loves the kitchen: “I’m trying to expand my baking skillsets—I want to be able to make a full meal and have everything be good!” Her dessert of choice? Crepes. If you really want to melt her heart fill them with chocolate and raspberry jam.

Studied abroad in France this past Fall: “Paris feels so much more electric than Tours,” reminisced Miss Barksdale. This Campus Cutie lived in Tours for 2 ½ months, but in retrospect, wishes she had spent more time in Paris than just 3 weeks. Any takers for a trip to Paris? It’s a definite shoe-in.

Weirdest place you’ve ever kissed someone at Davidson: “Nowhere weird!” This answer didn’t surprise me. If you’re attempting to woe Norma, I suggest steering away from the “weird” and instead, channeling your inner romantic.

iTunes Top 25 Most Played: While we couldn’t find Norma’s iPod to reveal her most-played music, she gave me a quick run-through of her recent music tastes. “Right now, I’m listening to the 89.9 radio station. I have no idea what I’m listening to but it’s classical music.” After sharing that classical music was scientifically proven as the best to listen to while studying, Norma divulged some of her downtown favorites such as Regina Spektor, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and Willie Nelson. An enthusiast of past music, Miss Barksdale demonstrated in more reasons than one her charming time-warp aura.

Be on the lookout for this wonderfully clever Campus Cutie. Her delicate figure is sure to attract while her curious mind unfolds the wonderful persona that is Norma Barksdale. 

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