7 Makeup Trends You've Gotta Try This Spring

As a proud makeup junkie, I've spent countless hours watching new trends spring up from places like Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr. Fall 2016 was an exciting time with its plethora of warm-toned looks and vampy aesthetic, but Spring 2017 is shaping up to be just as fabulous. In the spirit of sharing, I've rounded up some of the beauty trends I'm most excited about trying this spring!  

1. Dot Eyeliner 

It's become the new go-to festival look, but can be worn almost anywhere! Keep it classy and understated with simple black dots, as shown above, or bust out some bolder colors like indigo and coral to make a serious statement. 

2. Orange Lips 

From red-orange to the more coral varieties, this color family looks absolutely magnificent on all skin tones, and helps to bring out warm tones - the perfect compliment to a tanned complexion! 

3. Monochrome Lids

For nighttime, opt for a blurred-out look instead of the classic 3-tone smokey eye. Use one color (grey and dark bronze are my favorites) and blend it across the lid and just into the crease. With this look, keep the rest of the face simple and clean, with just a hint of blush/contour, and lip stain. 

4. Amythest Highlight

We've all seen how big highlighting, or strobing, as some call it, has gotten. Take your cheekbones to another dimension with an amythest colored highlighter, no need to stick to the basic whites and golds. Becca Cosmetics just launched their version (pictured above), but for a more affordable option, try NYX Cosmetic's Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in Lavender Lust. 

5. Glossy Skin 

Move over, matte finish. Dewy, hydrated skin is in for spring. To achieve this look, make sure to use a lightweight moisturizer that's targeted for your unique skin type. Instead of heavy liquid or powder foundations, try a BB cream or BB cushion, which will offer great coverage, while still keeping your skin looking fresh. Finally, don't feel the need to set your whole face with powder - concentrate it on any parts that tend to get oily throughout the day, like the T-zone, or pick up a setting mist instead. 

6. Igari 

This trend's been big in Asia for a while, and now it's beginning to take root in American beauty culture as well. To get this sleepy, doe-eyed look, apply blush right under your eyes in a circular pattern, blending upwards and outwards. Dab the same color on your lips, and call it a day! 

7. 90's Aesthetic 

I mean, did the 90's ever leave us anyway? Regardless, I'm stoked that the grungey, brown-toned brilliance that was 90's makeup is still alive and very much kicking in 2017. Need some inspiration? Just Google  Cindy Crawford and Dana Scully. 'Nuff said. 

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