5 Sex Toys To Love Yourself

Yes, 21st century women and men are making moves together towards gender equality, but there’s one gender gap that’s still very real: the orgasm gap. Ladies, if you were lucky enough to experience an orgasm the day you lost your virginity, you really found that one in a million guy who knew what he was doing down there, so props to him. Sadly, the vast majority of us probably didn’t orgasm the first few times we slept with that first guy, or the first few times you slept with any guy after that. What makes it worse is that today sex is still largely determined by the male orgasm. After a man ejaculates, sex is usually considered over, and while the guy roles over and falls asleep in bed you sit there unsatisfied.

But here’s some news. Sex doesn’t need to end with the male orgasm and while some guys are smart enough to realize that, others are not so quick to learn so let them know what you still need. And for goodness sake please stop faking it so they can learn what actually turns you on and what doesn’t. But if the sex is so bad that you aren’t enjoying yourself and you’re thinking about what you want for lunch tomorrow while you’re moaning in “pleasure,” please tell him to get off in a polite way. You don’t owe him an orgasm even though society has conditioned us to think that we do. As much as most of us appreciate getting penetrated like any other horny heterosexual woman, sometimes moving his junk in and out of you is not quiet enough to get you going. The sooner you let guys know that, the sooner we close the orgasm gap together.

Another reason for the orgasm gap is that many women still aren’t comfortable enough exploring their bodies and finding out what they like. This is where the ladies are wrong, because some where along the way we were taught that masturbation was a thing only boys do. Well, GAMECHANGER, it’s not! You deserve to orgasm just as much as any horny fourteen-year-old boy who just Googled "boobs." So if that requires you rubbing one out until you’re giggling in orgasmic pleasure than so be it. But, that starts with finding out what you like and becoming comfortable with exploring what gets you going. Here’s a list of some toys that are (in my opinion) even better than boys, try them out and see what you like and buy yourself a Valentine’s Day present this year. 

1. For the Simple Gal ($19.95)

This is the perfect gateway toy to bigger and better things for the first timer. The finger vibrator is pocket sized and a little more fun than manual masturbation. The tingly edges add the perfect amount of ticklish friction that can be used to tease any part of the body. Then turn the vibrations on and send yourself over the edge in a matter of minutes. Bonus, its waterproof too. 

2. For the Reserved Orgasm Addict ($24.95)

This pocket vibrator is pretty and petite and comes with three different interchangeable heads. All you have to do is turn the silver notch and you can experience four levels of vibrating pleasure. Each head offers a different sensation, but each one of them is guaranteed to send you into ecstatic pleasure.  

3. For the Gal Who Just Can’t Get Enough ($94.95)

A personal favorite brand, all of Pico Bong’s products are slim and easy to keep clean. This particular toy is for the girl who has graduated from the first class of vibrators and is ready to focus on the G-spot as well as clitoral stimulation, because we all know that’s where the real pot of gold can be found. So after a long day of classes, light some candles, relax and have some fun. With all 12 different modes of vibration you can pick a favorite based on your mood. The best part is the toy is nearly silent so you don’t have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your solo date night. 

4. For the Kinky Adventurer ($74.95)

This toy will have you screaming; “Fuck yes!” in a matter of minutes. There are 7 modes of vibration stimulation. Plus the best part of this toy is the rotating silver beads that add a prime extra level of vaginal stimulation that a penis can sadly never deliver. The toy also works towards G-spot stimulation with a built in thrusting and rotating action at the tip. Hold down the vibrating bee and work your way to giggly pleasure. Be careful though—this toy is not for the weak. 

5. For the Orgasm Princess ($189.00)

Granted this is an ugly looking device that looks like something scientists are meant to use, but the Womanizer is considered the modern sex toy miracle for women. The toy uses a combination of vibration and light clitoral suction to send you into orgasmic pleasure in a unique way that is not overpowering. The toy is steeply priced, but claims to guarantee climax in less than five minutes with no foreplay (meaning it’s worth every penny). The Womanizer manufacturers promise “touchless clitoral stimulation with waves of pulsating pleasure offer a sheet-gripping orgasm like you've never felt before.” If you’re not comfortable with the idea of a dildo or if you just don’t have time to experiment, skip ahead to the toy of the century and destress with multiple orgasm with almost no effort. 

So get out there, and get yourself off.


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