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What is Going on with Tisha Paytas?

Social media influencer, Trisha Paytas, has been in some hot water over the past month and she just can’t seem to catch a break. Paytas has around 4.9 million subscribers on the platform YouTube and has been posting videos since January 2007. She is known for her eating shows, music, and wacky drama posts. Not only does she post on YouTube, but she also has an 18+ Patreon called “Tishyland” for her older audiences. Paytas has been obsessed with media attention for quite some time, for example, she has been seen on tv shows such as My Strange Addiction, claiming to have an addiction to tanning. Trisha admits that a lot of her publicity stunts are not a real pretrial of who she is and is just a matter of getting a rise out of people for attention. Trisha has also been on Big Brother UK, Americas Got Talent, Ellen, and Celebrity Game Night. In her past, Trisha has faced some backlash for videos she has posted on YouTube such as where she claimed that being gay is a choice. Most of the time Paytas responds to her backlash by filming a video of her crying on her kitchen floor. This month has been different for Paytas, her fan base has been unable to tell if her new scandals and drama are genuine or staged to get more out the media. So, to clear up the confusion surrounding her, I am going to watch and summarize all Paytas’s scandals and drama this month so that you don’t have to!  

Coming out as Transgender:  

On October 7th, 2019, Trish Paytas released a video called “I am Transgender (Female to Male)”. This video has been her most disliked video ever totaling to around 137,000. Here’s why people don’t believe that Trisha is transgender. Trisha, as stated before, has been notorious for creating publicity stunts that grow her fanbase. Trisha is what most would consider being quite feminine, and although we are not here to tell someone what makes them transgender, it is confusing to her audience because she does sell naked pictures and videos of herself on the internet, something that someone with body dysmorphia would not regularly do. In her video, Trisha states that she does not consider herself to have body dysmorphia and she considers herself to be more of a gay man that partakes in drag beauty. There is a lot to dissect here. Paytas several years back claimed to be lesbian and feel sexual attraction to females. Now Trisha claims to be a gay man and that they only feel sexual attraction to gay men. Paytas has stated on the H3 Podcast that she has dated gay men in the past and that is when she feels most sexual desire. This statement has upset the transgender community because they feel it is disrespectful by having Trisha misrepresent what they struggle with. Ethan Cline from the H3 Podcast stated that Trisha most likely is receiving hate because most transgender people do have body dysphoria and struggle with their physical appearance whereas Trisha does not, and she is comfortable in her own skin. Trisha has said that it is okay to call her by her name or by T. Trisha said that it won’t affect her if people don’t use their preferred pronouns because her brand is based on being a woman. Many people believe this claim to be a publicity stunt because Paytas was on the Dr.’s to talk about their transition.  

Borderline Personality Disorder:   

On October 11th, 2019 Trisha released a video called “Borderline Personality Disorder” on World Mental Health Day. This is not the first time Trisha has opened up about her mental health. In the past Paytas has stated that she has suffered from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and she has been abusing “party drugs” and alcohol for most of her life from said mental instability. Paytas was checked into a hospital early this year from complications of a drug and alcohol overdoes, something she has touched on a little in past videos. To get clean, Paytas checked into a mental institution to receive therapy. Although most people believe that Trisha most likely does suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, her fans were upset with how politically incorrect she was. Paytas calls the institution she was in a “nut-house for crazies” and she calls her mediations for her mental health “crazy pills”. Many found this upsetting because BPS is incurable and causes several suicides each year due to its severity.   

Getting Married?:  

On November 5th, 2019 Trisha released a video called “Official Wedding Video”. Paytas had been hinting earlier within a couple months before that she was engaged but would not specify who, maybe that was a good thing. When many clicked onto the video, they were greeted by a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt standing at the altar. I have to say this video is weird and uncomfortable, even for being a fan of Trisha and seeing way worse videos such as “Making out with my Couch”. I have to say watching all six minutes made me feel as uncomfortable as Trisha’s mother in the background. Many were speculating that Trisha was going to marry Aaron Carter, or even herself, but sadly we were wrong and had to watch her French kiss a cardboard cutout of someone who is already married.   

The Tale of Two Gabbie’s:  

On November 9th, 2019 Trisha released a video called “Why I Don’t Trust Gabbie Hanna”. Hanna is another YouTuber on the site who makes vlogs and music. Gabbie is mentally unstable like Trisha, and of course, beef was started out of something so small. Trisha has another friend named Gabbie who is also friends with Gabbie Hanna, still following? Tisha’s friend Gabbie was chatting with Trisha and Trisha admitted that she isn’t a huge fan of Hanna just because of the rumors she has heard from a friend group she used to be a part of (the vlog squad). Then one day Hanna and Gabbie are hanging out and Hanna asked what Trisha thought about her and Gabbie spilled the tea that Trisha really wasn’t a fan of her. This prompted Hanna to reach out to Trisha and harass Trisha with text messages stating that she has never done anything to cause Trisha to hate her. Paytas exposed in her video that Hanna was spreading lies about her telling her at the time boyfriend Jason that Trisha had several STD’s when this was false. As of right now, Trisha has stopped talking to the Gabbies calling them “mean girls” in her latest video about the situation. Again, this was something so small that shouldn’t have been blown out of proportion considering that Hanna and Paytas have only met in person maybe twice ever.


So, there you go! Hopefully, you didn’t get lost through all the madness over the last month or so. I know that when all these videos came out, it meant there were only more to come this year. What do you think about all these situations? Is Paytas just desperate for attention, or is she being genuine now? 

First-year at CWU, originally from Woodland, Washington. Majoring in political science, Evelyn enjoys reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.
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