Normalizing Androgyny

Our society is obsessed with gendering everything, and while this is sometimes appropriate it also creates limitations on personal expression specifically in appearance and the way people dress. Having a traditionally feminine style as a woman is great, just as dressing traditionally masculine as a male is but, everyone should have the freedom to blur the lines and find what is comfortable to them not just what conforms to their gender.

Androgyny is a style we see a lot in celebrity icons, and often it’s not questioned. However, in everyday life, the gender ideals we enforce have made it hard to not adhere to the norms without being ridiculed. Androgyny is defined as, “The combination of masculine and feminine characteristics into an ambiguous form.” The beauty of androgyny is there are no rules, but there are some staples you’ll see with androgynous icons. For men, you’ll commonly see masculine silhouettes with feminine aspects such as lace, frills and lots of pink. For women, you’ll often see masculine suites with full faces of makeup and heels.

These, however, are not the only ways to be Androgynous, the limits are endless and by eliminating the laws of gender the style has become more and more appealing to people of any gender identity, sexual orientation, and lifestyle. Men and women in the entertainment industry have been embracing the Androgynous style for decades. Celebrities such as David Bowie, Kristen Stewart, Harry Styles, Ruby Rose, and Prince are among the more known androgynous dressers. Their fashion sense has inspired their fans to branch out and stop adhering to the imaginary laws that hold us hostage.    Image result for king princess album cover

"Androgyny is not trying to manage the relationship between the opposites; it is simply flowing between them."
~ June Singer



But, as all things considered ‘different’ the style if often torn down and those who chose to express themselves in this way are degraded, and in some cases, this stops them from having the confidence to continue to express themselves. Our generation is generally much more accepting than the ones before us, but we still struggle to remove ourselves from these views. Why do we gender clothing? Or makeup? These constraints do nothing to help our society grow nor do they serve any purpose. I hope for a future where we remove these useless labels and dress for ourselves and use our appearance to express who we are without having to fear judgment. Until then, continue to be yourselves and blur the boundaries set in place by society, wither it's through androgyny, or another form of nonconforming style remember other people’s views don’t shape your worth.