11 Disney Channel Movies You Forgot You Loved

Ahh 1998-2001, otherwise known as the good old days; when a new Disney channel original movie at a sleepover was the highlight of your weekend. For the sake of nostalgia let's take a look at some movies you definitely saw, probably forgot about, and will want to re-watch immediately. 


11. My Date With The President's Daughter

This is the classic story of your average teenage boy, Duncan Fletcher, innocently looking for a spring dance date at the mall. He finds a cute girl and asks her, she says yes and gives him her address. When pulling up to the White House at 7pm, Duncan realizes he's asked the President of the United States' daughter, Hallie Richmond. Through a series of unfortunate events Duncan must fight for the girl who has captured his heart.

10. Brink!

A crowd favorite, Brink! is the story of the "Soul Skaters" and leader of the group, Andy Brinker's conflict with sponsored skater group, Team X-Bladz. Andy "Brink" Brinker decides to join Team X-Bladz, wrapped up in the false pretense of being a glorified, sponsored skater. Brink goes through personal growth and development and learns what kind of skater he is, what makes him happy, and who his true friends are. 


9. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zenon Kar is just like any other 13 year-old girl, except that she's living in an orbiting space station with her family in the year 2049, and honestly it's not that unrealistic. Zenon is a rebel and constantly running into trouble and therefore her parents ground her, quite literally. They send her to earth to live with her aunt. While Zenon struggles to fit in she comes across two boys who are accepting of her differences, Andrew and Greg. When Zenon discovers a plan, devised by the evil Parker Wyndam, that will put everyone in the station in danger, she takes on the mission to save her family and friends. Zetus Lupetus! 

P.S. who can forget the song Zoom, Zoom, Zoom-Supernova Girl, sung by space-star sensation Protozoa? I know I can't. 

8. Smart House 

Overcome with chores, schoolwork, and being a kid after the death of his mother, 13 year-old Ben Cooper enters the Smart House giveaway. Ben wins the house, named Pat, and his single father, Nick, and little sister, Angie move in. Pat's personality takes a turn for the worst as she gets too protective of the family and ultimately locks the Coopers in the house. The Coopers begin to resent and even fear Pat as she takes such drastic measures. Ben ends the lockdown by declaring Pat is and never will be a human or a replacement of their mother. Sara reprograms Pat to her original personality and they continue to live their life as one big happy family. 

7. Johnny Tsunami

Young Hawaiian surfer Johnny Kapahala is in for a big wakeup call when he and his Dad move to Vermont. Surrounded by snow instead of waves Johnny has a hard time adjusting until a new friend, Sam, shows him the art of snowboarding. Johnny falls in love with snowboarding as his finds it similar to surfing. Pretentious skier Brett and Johnny develop a rivalry and take their differences to the mountain. 

6. The Thirteenth Year

While most thirteen year-olds are going through puberty, Cody Griffin finds himself morphing into a merman. Cody is a swimmer at school and regardless of his changes he decides to attend the meet and to no surprise, he wins and beats the state record. Cody is adopted and discovers that his birth mother is actually a mermaid. Cody must decide if he wants to continue his life as a merman with his birth mother or attempt to find normalcy with his adopted family, friends, and girlfriend. 


5. Model Behavior

Alex Borroughs and Janine Adams are very different teenagers; Alex is a shy, quiet girl with dreams of becoming a fashion designer while Janine is exhausted by her mom-ager, constantly making her work, however these girls have one major thing in common: they look exactly alike. Craving change, the two girls swap lives, portraying each other. They both end up with dates and decide to extend the switch. When everyone finally catches on, they are forced to find a way to regain the trust with the people they love. 

P.S Justin Timberlake is in it, and that's reason enough to watch it. 

4. Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

Adam and Chelsea Hansen have some major plans for the weekend that are completely ruined by being grounded. In hopes of getting out of the house they set their Mom up on a date with a mysterious man. Their little brother Taylor, starts to speculate that this man may just be a vampire. Adam and Chelsea don't believe Taylor, so he is forced to call vampire hunter, Malachi van Helsing. Taylor partners with Malachi van Helsing and attempt to take down the vampire, Dimitri, who has put their mother into a trance. It is up to Taylor, van Helsing, Adam, and Chelsea, to save their mother from her vampire date.


3. Motocrossed

Andrea Carson finds herself in a pickle when she develops a love for motocross from watching her twin brother, Andrew ride. Her overprotective father won't allow her to race, but when Andrew hurts his knee racing and the father loses his job, Andy feels it is her job to compete in the Cup under the identity of her brother. While her mom and brother are in on the plan, they keep it hidden from her father. Andrea must juggle, attempting to win the Cup, keep her identity under wraps from a boy she starts to crush on, and hide her new hobby from her father. 

2. The Luck of the Irish

Middle school basketball star, Kyle Johnson realizes he's lost his lucky gold coin. Kyle learns this gold coin has been passed on to each generation, and the youngest family member must hold on to it in order for leprechauns in the family to be perceived as normal human beings. Kyle fights to get his gold coin back in order to stop an evil leprechaun from having control over his family. 


1. Double Teamed 

This movie is based of the lives of WNBA sisters Heather and Heidi Burge. Discovered by their high school basketball coach, Heidi and Heather Burge overcome a multitude of obstacles, like the pressure from their father, teammate rivalry, sibling competitiveness, and lies about their financial situation.