Fall Pictures Worthy of Your Instagram Feed!


The leaves are changing, fall decorations are in full effect, and if you are in Boulder, it has finally started to snow. Don't fret though, we still have some fall left, so don't put away your fall clothes and pumpkin spices away just yet. Are you in need of spicing up your Instagram this fall?  Here are five different locations and ideas for you to take those fall worthy pictures that people will be raving about!






Nothing says fall like a pumpkin patch! Any cute pumpkin patch pictures will be perfect for your Insta feed. Position yourself in the middle of the pumpkins and smile away. Feel free to grab a pumpkin or a friend. “ Props” always look good in photos and make it look more candid and less awkward!



Corn Mazes?


Mysterious? Coy? Cute? Think of all the angles you can get with a picture in a corn maze. Corn mazes are not only a lot of fun to do, but they are great for taking pictures. You can have a friend grab a camera and take pictures of you running through the corn maze, hiding in the stalks, or just messing around. Grab your cutest fall outfit and head to the closest corn maze. I promise you won’t regret it!



Trees Galore!


Fall means leaves in fall colors galore, which is why we love the colors of fall. Grab a beanie and an outfit that will stand out in the leaves (yellow, orange, red, and brown), and head to the closest grove of trees!



1...2...3… Jump!


When you were a child, did you ever have the sudden urge to jump into the closest leaf pile near you? I know I did. Unfortunately, if we do that now, we might get a few weird glances. I say, let your inner child out and get some great pictures of you throwing leaves around. You are bound to get an Insta worthy picture in seconds!



It’s all about the view Pinterest

Fall is all about nature and the changing of the seasons. Find the nearest mountain or hill ( the Flatirons) and take pictures with the backdrop of the changing leaves. Take a day and drive up the mountains to find a beautiful location that you think is worthy of being on your Instagram. Have fun with this and bring your friends with you!