Back to School Guide: How Stay Organized this Semester

By now everyone is getting into the swing of things: new classes, new living situations, new friends, a whole lot of new. Back to School is such an exciting time and because of that it is often hard to really focus on what we are really here for. In order to maintain a healthy balance bewtween working hard and playing hard, you have to be organized. This is a brief guide on how to stay organized within the next couple of crazy weeks. Welcome back Buffs!  On Sundays plan your week. This means you should write out everything that is to be accomplished within the seven days ahead. Planners are awesome to help with this; I recommend the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley, because it includes every day hour by hour, perfect for the optimal organization. You could also schedule in your workouts or your meals for the week, as well as any group projects, dates, outings, or adventures you have planned. 

Be sure to also write a to-do list for school in a prioritized fashion. This will help with time management because you will realize how long the most urgent assignments will take to complete. 

Throughout the week check in with yourself and make sure you are doing well with staying on top of your required tasks. If you are struggling with something be sure to email your teacher or schedule a meeting with them, they are there to help and want to help. Also once you are settled in your classes, go to office hours! Even if you don’t have a question, go and introduce yourself, maybe bring a coffee with you and let the teacher know you’re excited about their class. Professors love to know that what they are teaching and passing on is valued. 

Last but not least, in order to tackle all the happenings of the beginning of the year, you have to also take care of yourself. This means getting a good night’s rest (most nights), maintaining a healthy diet, working out your body regularly, and drinking lots water. Try some of the Rec Center's classes, like yoga, to reset after a tough week. 

If you are an organized person you will have greater success and feel more stable in the midst of friends, studies, work etc. Good luck!!