Ariana Grande is Single Again

Our favorite queen, Ariana Grande has already gone through so much in the past year. To add to it, her and her fiance Pete Davidson recently called it quits. Here’s what we know so far that could’ve caused the sudden breakup.

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Ariana was hurting so much since her ex-beau rapper Mac Miller overdosed a month ago. The two had only split up a few months prior because of irreconcilable differences. She always said that she still had so much love for him and that showed when he unexpectedly passed away. She disappeared from the media for a while to try and cope with her loss. She also received a lot of hate from social media, with many people commenting on her posts saying that she is the reason for Mac od’ing. How could you blame someone else for something like that? She only showed him love and worked so hard to help him fight his demons. So when his sudden death came, it really shook her. She’s been struggling with accepting and coping with this that it’s caused some issues with her and current mans Pete Davidson. Could her ex’s death have been the breaking point in the relationship? Seems like it.

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She’s still suffering from PTSD from the bombing attack at her Manchester concert where 22 fans died and hundreds were injured. The terrorist attack that occurred over a year ago is still lingering in Ariana’s mind. Something so dramatic sticks with a person and she’s been open about her struggles with herself and her emotions. She does credit Pete Davidson for being supportive of her, but he has made snarky remarks about the attack on a public platform. Did Ariana get sick of his immaturity about the traumatic event that has severely changed her life? I know I would be annoyed with his BS.

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Pete had gotten the bunny tattoo, that Ariana credits to her one of her first big albums, behind his ear. BUT he was recently pictured with the tattoo looking very different. It seems that he got the bunny covered up and filled in to look just like a heart. Was that because he knew him and Ariana would be ending? We don’t know for sure but people really believe something was up. But we do know that Ariana also has a tattoo that forever connects to Pete. She got something to commemorate Pete’s late father who died in the line of duty during the 9/11 attacks. Quick lesson: never get a tattoo with a bf/gf because you NEVER KNOW when it won’t work out. Tattoos are permanent, think before you ink boo.

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Along with Pete taking jabs at the Manchester attack, he recently came back to SNL and made some interesting remarks about his relationship with Ariana. He mentioned that he switches her birth control with tic tacs to have a reason for her to stay around for good. Ummm excuse me??? Who does that? I know if my boyfriend tried to pull something like that for that reason I would literally ruin his life. Pregnancy is a serious thing and to do something like switching her birth control could change so much. The girl has gone through so much, can we just let her cope and regroup before we throw an unexpected baby into the picture? Pete doesn’t seem to understand that his words have actions, especially when his words are f***ed towards his fiance.

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So, we can’t say for sure that Pete’s lack of maturity and filter is the sole reason for their sudden split but it could be. What we do know is that Ariana has said that she needs to focus on herself and her health before devoting her life to another person, major respect for that. It takes a lot for a person to admit they need to work on themselves first. Especially when you’re in the limelight like Ariana is. Apparently, both Ariana and Pete discussed their future and things weren’t looking too sweet. She says that Pete will still always have a special place in her heart but right now a marriage is not what she needs.

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So maybe this is for the best? Ariana is promoting self-love and appreciation through this tough decision. We can only hope that the Sweetener star finds some peace in all realms and can feel better. We love you Ariana, you got this girl.


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