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Magnus Giaever: Don’t Worry, Be yoncé


Who are you?Magnus Giaever

How old are you?20! This year is my golden birthday… I turned 20, on 20th day of the month. 20/20, baby!

Year/major?2017, “Hotelie”

Where are you from?I’m a northwest boy. I grew up in Seattle, Washington.

Favorite quote?I read an article in Dwell Magazine once where interior-designer, Jonathan Adler, described the lifestyle of his window-dressing husband, Simon Doonan, and him have by saying: “Every day is like a tampon commercial”.

I really think that approaching our daily life with that same mantra, to be as happy and energetic as those ladies in the television ads, is a really fabulous way to make up your life. I need more frolicking through grassy fields and yoga on the beach, daily.

Favorite color?I’m head-over-heels for like a, Cabo Blue, if such a color exists. It’s a shade close to sky blue, but less arrogant. Cabo Blue is more “down to earth” and green, but not as mellow as turquoise. While all the other colors are doing they’re thing, Cabo Blue is out dancing on the beach from sunset to sunrise. It’s full of life. I’m just wild for it.

Favorite movie?“Manhattan Murder Mystery” which Woody Allen starred, directed, and co-wrote in during the ’90s. Woody and Diane Keeton try to solve a murder in their apartment building. It’s like one of those ‘BOGO’ specials at the supermarket: you pay for a hilarious comedy, but get this equally mysterious, super suspenseful movie too… for free!

Favorite TV show?I’m a die hard, RuPaul’s drag race fan. It’s a drag queen reality competition.

The show writes itself, you can’t make this stuff up.


What are you involved with on campus?I’m on the executive board of three clubs specific to hospitality. I’m on the general body of a lot more within the hotel school. Each club has tons of passionate people and really fun names… For example, the “Club Club” which focuses on Club Management (like country, city, yacht clubs, etc.). They’re all so much fun and have amazing learning opportunities. Plus, each club does a variety of community service projects, which is the most rewarding part.

What are your hobbies?Dancing! Anytime, anywhere.I love when I have opportunities to take African Dance classes especially. I’m terrible, but it’s impossible to stop smiling.

Who is your role model?Philippe Petit. He is a French high-wire artist who completed a high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in the ’70s. He did it illegally overnight and then surprised all of New York in the morning, when people looked up to see him dancing between the towers on their way to work. I performed with the circus for several years and he is a legend within that community. I would love to meet him… He’s a definite role model of mine because he just has such a passionate, fiercely creative energy. Yet, in his written works and interviews, he seems to be one of the most humble men, despite his magnificent feats.

I also have the utmost respect for my parents. Parenting is the most challenging thing I could ever think of. Way harder than walking any high-wire… they’re both amazing.

What is your dream?Since I was five, my dream has been to open up my own line of hotels called “Haus of Magnus”. I love dreaming about the future. I just want my hotels to be a riot of color and happiness.

Favorite part of being a Cornell Student?My peers and the faculty blow me away. The passion I see here on a daily basis is unreal.I chose Cornell for the hospitality program, and I get so excited by the topics we cover in my classes and getting to know my peers. But, outside of the school, I just see more of that same passion and sweetness everywhere. I feel super fortunate to be here.


Any advice you would give to new students?

Don’t worry, be yoncé! I mean happy… Don’t worry, be happy!!It’s so easy to freak out about assignments, tests, deadlines, career goals, here or anywhere… but I always remind myself to just breathe and relax! Your dedication and actions will always lead you to your results. When stressed, being happy just makes things so much more manageable and peaceful. It’s nothing new, I’m still working on it.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? I’m really outgoing, but I make me time for myself everyday to meditate and stretch… even if only for a minute!I heard Oprah does it too.

Communications major/ Business minor @ Cornell University.
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