Winter Outfit Essentials

It’s finally time to break out all of your winter clothes! With cold weather and snow flurries coming, here is some trendy winter fashion for the 2018-2019 winter season to keep you cozy and warm.


Sherpa Soft and Fluffy.


Faux Sherpa

The faux sherpa jacket is one of the most popular articles of clothing this winter that will keep you both toasty and trendy. There are a variety of colors available, but beige and black are the most common color choices worn by our winter fashionistas.


Casual and Classic Collar.


Denim Jacket with Sherpa Collar

Denim jackets are always a basic go-to for any outfit. This classic look has been spiced up for the winter season with the addition of a faux sherpa collar.


Fuzzy and Fun.


Chenille Sweater

The chenille material is a luxurious fabric that will wrap you in wintry bliss, while also keeping you cheerful and stylish in its many bright colors.


Cute and Cropped.$Zoom$


Cropped Long-Sleeve Sweaters

Sweaters this winter have been cropped! This trendy winter looks croped at the bottom of the sweater but it keeps the sleeves long and flowy, and sometimes even flared. The cropped sweater is a must-have item for your winter wardrobe.


Corduroy Cozy.


Corduroy Skirt

We all know that denim skirts have been all the rage throughout the summer and fall seasons. Now, meet denim’s cousin: corduroy. Corduroy skirts paired with a blouse or a light winter sweater, leggings, and boots will be sure to keep your look fresh and flirty this winter.  

Winter Wrap.


Wrap Top

Wrap tops will be trendy this winter. These blouses, especially wrap tops with bow ties, add a playful touch to your wardrobe. This popular design and cut is both aesthetic and comfortable to wear. This is the perfect article of clothing for a night out, or a fun day trip during the winter season.


Pretty in Plaid.


Plaid Pants

We have seen the popularity of the pinstripe pants this spring and summer. Now, it is time to transition to the winter plaid print look. Pair the pants with a graphic t-shirt for a fashion-forward look.


Playful Pom-Pom.

Pom-Pom Hats

Pom-Pom hats will most likely never go out of style, and always make for a perfect and sensible winter accessory. This year, try to find a colorful pom-pom hat to lighten up the dreary winter weather, and bring the seasonal holiday spirit to all of your winter activities and outings!

Sophisticated and Stylish Scarves.



Just like the pom-pom hat, scarves will always be in style. This year, plaid continues to be a favorite fabric print for scarves. The challenge this winter trend poses this year, is for you to experiment with how you wear your scarf. You can either wrap it around your neck traditionally, or you can wear it as a cozy and classy shawl. Any way you choose to wear your scarf, it will be sure to provide a classic winter look.